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 The Skinner Raisin Bran cards came in two sets, one for boys and one for girls. They came in a 2" X 4-1/4"
envelope (some folded to fit). Each boys set contained one each of, Brainteaser Riddle (F281-1), Magic Trick
Slip (F281-3), Sports Car (F281-5), Winning Sports Tip (F281-6) and a small plastic toy. Each girls set  held
one each of, Brainteaser Riddle, Doll Picture (F281-2), Magic Trick Slip, New Party Game Ideas (F281-4) and
a plastic toy.
  I think the set were put together randomly because I have 3 Farrari, 2 Alfa-Romeo and 2 Nash sets and all have
different inserts.
  I believe these Car Cards are the ones that Burdick labeled as F281-5. He lists them all as paper, not round
corner cardboard cards that are now labled as F281-5.

Boys sets
Skinner 1 001.jpg
Skinner 2 001.jpg  Skinner 3 001.jpg  Skinner 4 001.jpg  Skinner 5 001.jpg  Skinner 6 001.jpg  Skinner 7 001.jpg 
Backs of Boys sets
Skinner 8 001.jpg 
Girls Set
Skinner 9 001.jpg 
Backs of Girls set
Skinner 10 001.jpg

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Very cool Ken! I had no idea about these.
Todd Riley
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