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Anyone aware of a show calendar or...a magazine for non-sport such as the items collected here that mentions shows? I do not think going to a random Baseball card would garner the level and quality of people you would need to Buy/Sell/Trade with based on my past experiences . I may be kidding myself as this seems to be a REAL NICHE hobby,but it never hurts to ask
Joe Marciano
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Try the Non-Sport Update for a listing of card shows. Also provides a wide variety of non-sport info and ads from lots of dealers. The Wrapper is the other non-sport touchstone. Both can be reached through the "links" button above. I recommend subscribing. Hope this helps you
Bill Christensen
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This weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, there is a show scheduled for the Serramonte Shopping Center. I'm not a big fan of mall shows but the attendance is in the thousands! I'll be there with the only vintage non sport cards (unless some dealer happens upon a few) so stop by and talk, reminscence or heaven's forbid buy something.
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I am in Georgia....I do not think I will make it this time around
Kurt K.
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Oct 22 & 23 in Allentown PA, the Philly Show. Lotsa good old stuff. (Never enough, but more than anywhere else I'm aware of.)

If I was within 500 miles of it, I'd be all over that show!

Check out the website for details:
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Not by much
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The show South Attleboro, MA this sunday (9/25) is a little closer to GA than San Fransisco.
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