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can I get a mulligan with this lowly 98?

Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc
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Beautifull card - I loved seeing it. Still want to see an SGC100.
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I just got my latest PSA sub. back this morning and I got two PSA10's in the group:

Amazing that cards issued in Australia, half a century ago, packaged in cereal boxes survived in this condition.

Plus I got a bunch of 8's and 9's on my other BION cards.

So show your vintage PSA10 cards. I have never seen a card graded SGC100 "PRISTINE" so if you have a card graded SGC100 I would love to see it.
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its a nice feeling getting back some 10's, i have experienced a couple myself with sgc on the 1960 treasure island set.

what is that spot on the 2nd card? stain or print spot, very noticeable, not sure if its really worthy of a 10 with that on it.
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Scans can be missleading the spot was on the scanner bed (Didn't see it at first - cleaned it off). Spot is not on the card.
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