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Jack J.
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I saw this book cover and thought it would have made a great wrapper for a 1930's gum card set. Some of my favorite images (other than those on existing card sets) can be found on items like domino boxes, needle packs, card game boxes etc.

What images represent to you sets that never were but should have been?

-Jack J.

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\I am not sure I understand.

Do you mean a set called Blue and Grey or a civil war set like

N99 Battle Scenes Duke Tobacco Cards - Near Set - Civil War
Jack J.
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The art and layout of the book cover would have made a great card wrapper. I can imagine a gum card set called "The Blue and Gray" that maybe used Civil War art from tobacco cards or original art. My point is that every now and then I see a non-gum card item that has an image that would make a great card or wrapper. The book cover is just an example of this. I'm wondering if I'm all alone in this or if anyone else has items they like for the art because it's similar to card art. This is getting more complicated than I intended. -Jack J.
Charley Ramone
Reply with quote  #4 are not alone...I'll bet the talented Dan C. is right there with us crazy,dreaming,fantasy folks!

Many threads asking other folks about their NON SPORT inner thoughts have come up before...yours is just the latest installment. AND also confirmation that you have the NSPORT VIRUS!

I was going to add to this...but...I have many,many (too many) ideas. Then IT WOULD get complicated.

"showin the love since 1960"

BTW, MOVIES and TV SHOWS THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN A CARD a eternal thread in my mind. Endless!

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