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Hi Fellas!

Back when I was a kid I completed pre-demolition/renovation inspections on buildings in NYC.  One of the buildings I inspected was called the "Lexington Building" 141 E.25th St, NYC.  4 of the floors were occupied by a printing and lithography company that had moved out several years prior to my inspection and was vacant.  I recall the production floors were very colorful with layers of ink and remnants of printing operations.  There was nothing to salvage from the floors as it had been vacant for some time, however I found and old door in the basement with the metal hand painted sign for Seiter and Kappes Lithographers!  I remember trying to get that sign off the door with my bare hands as I did not have any tools (it was nailed on).  I was able to work the sign free eventually and I humped that large metal sign on the subway and eventually onto the railroad train for the commute home!

It has been happily on my man cave wall since that time 25 or more years ago!  It finally dawned on me that maybe one of the cards I have in my collection was printed at that facility?

A brief internet search shows that the the T70 Historical Events Series (Hoffman House backs) may have been printed there?!  see attached photos.  

Now I wonder if that big pile of rubble in the basement may have been old litho stones? 

I do recall the most fascinating part was the basement was the powerhouse for the old Lexington Avenue Subway back when it was cable operate, large pulleys were in the basement and were run under Lexington ave to pull the trolley cars!

Let me know if you have any other insight?  I did note a couple of post cards on Ebay with Seiter & Kappes Lithography last week but they are gone now.  I will have to snatch one up and display it with the sign.

Let me know your thoughts if you think the Hoffman House T70's may have been printed there?



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Looking for the T227 shown on my avatar! 
Thanks!  Cliff
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