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Among a recent consignment for an upcoming auction I received a 1948 Topps Magic 5 cent pack 6-card panel. While I thought these were scarce, I never realized how scarce until I began to look for others and could only find a small number all from one find.

Are they really that scarce/rare?

Also shown is a copy of a Topps jobber flyer for the nickel packs when they came out. img116.jpg  img119.jpg  img120.jpg


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The single cards from the 5-cent packs are much scarcer than the cards from the 1-cent packs (the backs have the card # lines in different positions).

I'd suspect many of the 6-card panels may no longer exist.

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have only seen a couple.  Nice to have Ty Cobb on that one!



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Very nice panel.

Can't help but bring up a few things about these that I've observed over the years (I'd love for any of these statements to be proven wrong):

1) No panels with any of the following eighteen 'Series 2' (J-T) cards exist: J-37 Claire Trevor, J-38 Constance Bennett, J-39 Gale Storm, J-40 Elyse Knox, J-41 Jane Wyatt, J-42 Whip Wilson, J-43 Charles Bickford, J-44 Guy Madison, J-45 Barton MacLane, K-19 Third Base - Cleveland Indians, Q-1 St. Louis University, Q-2 Long Island University, Q-3 Notre Dame, Q-4 Kentucky 58-42, Q-5 Depaul 75-64, R-3 Northwestern, R-4 Yale vs. Columbia, R-5 Cornell

2) Despite what the above advertisement suggests, no panels containing a 'Series 1' (A-H) card were ever issued.

3) Coincident with the above two observations, individual cards with obvious "nubs" (i.e. separated from panels) are only found in 'Series 2'

4) CONCLUSION: 6-card panels in this set were a 'Series 2' creation....

I'd also love for anyone with a 'Series 2' album to post nice images that demonstrate the differences between it and 'Series 1' (obviously starting with the inside cover).


Chris Watson

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I think only the checklist inside the album is different between series 1 and 2 but I don't believe I have any hard evidence of that.  Those 5 cent panels from 48-51 Topps are brutal to find for the most part, with a couple exceptions like Freedom's War but Magic Photo might be the toughest. 18 missing over three panels?  Not sure if there's any different combos.
Dave Hornish

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