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Jon Hardgrove
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Is anyone else collecting this set?

I thought I had the set documented two years ago when I purchased the original poster that Revell offered, as the poster pictures 19 of the 20 cards allegedly in the set (the 20th card is listed as a "mystery card")!

I have 15 different cards all of which carry the came trademark line on the reverse "c1975 by Revell, Inc., Venice, Calif. 90291. Made in U.S.A. Printed in U.S.A.".

The issue arises in that several of the cards do not match the pictures on the poster!!! Same person, same car, just a different pose. Some are at different tracks, some are at the same track but totally different pose.

Would like to know if there are more than one picture for the varying cards (was there a second set)? or did Revell simply print the poster and then changed the cards?

By the way, the mystery card is of John Paxson's Rocket Car.

EDIT: I just found Revell's website, and sent them an email; perhaps will get an official answer.

EDIT 2: Just received an answer from Revell (very quickly). Unfortunately, no one there was working there in 1975, and the company archive records were not moved when they moved to their current location.

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