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noticed former net54 poster DJR has come back to life with a new nom de plume on the 'Bay. Grateful the broken listings have now been fixed after passing by most of the same ones for at least !!!TEN!!! years. He once told me dealing with me was a zero sum equation for something stupid HE once said and did. It appears his business model has yielded near the same results......I hope I don't get in hot water for promoting his listings - it's something like "collect a bit" - catchy [rolleyes]
Mr. Moses

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I noticed it also Henry, as his prices are once again "insane" !!!!!!! as New York's
Crazy Eddie use to say.  I did  not realize it was him, so I emailed him an offer (about
1/3 of what he was asking). He wrote back and said "no, he would get his price", so I watched
him not get his price (at least not this week!)  
  You should try and rekindle your friendship maybe he'll cut you a good deal with the
new name. Good Luck, tm

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He will generally deal with you but not anywhere near 1/3 asking price. Some stuff is pretty close to where it needs to be. Others far off.
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