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Ken Bush
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I only have three of the Force Bobby Benson box backs, two of which you posted. This is the one that
I have that you did not post. I am also including a scan of a Bobby Benson back from a very similar
I do not know how many are in either series.

John Shupek
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As a child, every week I would sit on the floor mesmerized by the "green tuning eye" on our big Zenith radio listening to Bobby Benson and the B-Bar-B. Since my folks were "Kellogg's" people I do not remember having any Force cereal on the table.

We were "Kellogg's" people since we lived in lower Michigan very near Battle Creek. I remember taking a tour of the Kellogg's plant in Battle Creek somewhere around 1947 in 1948. I can still smell of freshly cooked cornflakes coming off the production line and being packaged.

Be that as it may, nice PDs.
Brian Callahan
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Here is a Bobby Benson Store Display for Force Cereal.

Those are cool box backs.
Ken Bush
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Thanks for posting the picture of the Force store display. I have never seen one but I have seen pictures of it before.

There were many other premiums issued by the Bobby Benson radio program. I have several of them.


Although I listened to several of the early kids radio programs I never heard an episode of Bobby Benson.

I never had any of the Force cereal and do not remember it being sold in my area.


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