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non-sports daniel

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This week there were four lots that sold on eBay constituting a combined nine cards and one wrapper for the R84 Collins Magic cards set. Count me as the underbidder for eight of the cards and an under-under bidder for the wrapper card combination. Regardless, has anyone ever seen an even numbered card from this set? All the cards in the gallery are odd numbered and all of the cards that sold this week are odd numbered. I checked with the collector who won all all of these cards and wrapper and he has also only seen odd numbered cards. Are there only twenty-four cards in the set numbered 1-47 odd numbers only despite the cards reference to forty-eight cards? Can anyone confirm an even numbered card?

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That's a great observation. The few that I have are all odd numbers.

Can anybody post the title found on card #47?...presuming that this is the last card in the set

Chris Watson

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Beautiful cards.  Love that wrapper.  Hopefully someone here got it............



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only odd numbers
wrappers scarce but not rare
card prices lower than i expected
(seller listed them wrong as "collins" instead of "j n collins")
for some of us who hunt specifics
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