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Dan C
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From Mark Edmunds --- a blurry back for card #4....Thin Man

We're trying hard to recreate/rewrite the back,
but I can see it will take time.

The main thing is that we finally know that the Thin Man is number 4
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I believe the missing words on the last paragraph are 'become so'. This would mean that the next word is THIN rather than THIS. so the complete sentance would read :

"The thin man did not BECOME SO THIN through dieting."

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Dan C
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corrected version should be in place.....thanks Ian.
Mark E
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Cheers Ian , appreciated .

Now can anyone answer why Novel numbered the Jupiter card from the Rocket Rangers series #4 and #6 ?
Dan C
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I'd say one of the images on the webpage is incorrect.

Hopefully someone will send/post the corrected card.

Thanks for catching it.
Daniel H
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Man, we are so close on this. It would be great to see the last image. I haven't seen any of these come across for sale in about a year. I need #4 and #10 and have several duplicates if anyone does have them.
Daniel H
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Also, Dan, I believe that you can find Jupiter as both #4 and #6. I only have one Jupiter and it is number 6. I do not have a #4 from this very difficult set.
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