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Alan Elefson
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I recently acquired the R31 scanned below (I apologize for the poor scans) and I had a few questions regarding this set. When was this set issued (guessing 1930s)? Were both sets issued with the wrapper shown in the gallery? Did this company produce any additional sets? Any additional information regarding either of the R31 sets would be greatly appreciated. Please also show your cards! I would love to see the whole set.
Thanks in advance,
Alan Elefson

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from t'internet .

Tom Boblitt
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in my typecard collection. Will try to scan it tonite for you!
Chuck Ross
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I think I have one of each size and felt very fortunate to get that far with these. Very tough to find. I am afraid I don't know anything else about the set. A quick Google search seems to indicate they were at 74 Garden Street in Boston and that Phoebe Phelps may have been a suffragette and abolitionist in mid-1800s Boston.
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My only phoebe item

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Sorry if the size is wrong. First time loading pictures.

Alan Elefson
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Thank you everyone for your scans and information! Jim, your wrapper is different from the one pictured in the gallery. Any idea on the date of your wrapper? Thanks again for everyone's help.


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The wrapper isn't related to the pennants, but might be part of its own set, who knows? circa 1940 I believe.
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