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I wanted to offer my congratulations to forum member Daniel for an excellent article on the R155 Mystery Gum cards.  I had always wondered about Burdick's mention of "thick or thin", never having come across a thin version.  Now I know why!  Thanks for some excellent detective work.
non-sports daniel

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Hey Chuck, thanks! I love this stuff so on that rare occasion when I feel that contribute something I'm always excited to do so (especially when Les is willing to publish it in the Wrapper, which I also love).

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Daniel: I saw that article and did not realize it was you, non-sports daniel, who wrote it. I am now looking for a "Magic Trick" type card. Perhaps you should include your chat board identity with you articles so old guys, like me, can connect it with your real name without too much effort. Great article- interesting and informative.
Joe Marciano
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