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Dan C
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Chris Watson's Guide mentions there could
have been two issues, one having
green fronts and one having brown fronts.

Number 26 was issued for two actresses.
Could one have had a brown front and
the other have a green front ?

Am posting these files as many images are needed.


Troy Kirk
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Very interesting post, Dan, I didn't know the fronts could be found in brown and blue. There's more to this set than that, the backs can be found in black or blue, and the back color text determines the year of issue. Blue backs were earlier, about 1933, and black backs were later, about 1934. There are difference in the text between the different backs, with updates for later movies for the stars. Also some front pictures were changed and some stars were changed.

Here's a link to the Oliver Hardy card in the two different years:
Claude Emond
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