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Tom Boblitt
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to saying Ralph was pimping his card or anything like that. I have little ability to really see anything about anyone's USERID on Network54, so I know nothing about Newbie Ned. Maybe he'll post again. I certainly don't think it's Ralph posing as Newbie Ned as he certainly wouldn't need to pimp a $9.95 HOW card on this board because anyone collecting the set here would have already seen that card on ebay anyway.

Is the card overgraded--maybe so. It's a clean card and that range between EX and NRMT is frequently blurred. Moreso on raw cards but I've seen some NM7 cards in PSA holders that I wonder how it got more than an EX5. So.....bottom line is Ralph put a beautiful, clean scan (front & back) up for the buyer to determine for themselves what they think the card is even though he calls it NM. If you need the card and $9.95 is a fair price, buy it. If you want a NM7 PSA HOW card, you will pay a premium. That's just the game.

It should be very obvious, even to Newbie Ned that there's a premium attached to grading. You will pay more for graded NM cards than ungraded NM cards. Sometimes that premium is a heavy one. Like Henry, I have graded cards/sets and ungraded cards/sets. I don't have the space nor cash to collect everything I collect in graded condition nor would I even consider it. I do have about 6-7 complete (50) card A&G sets, E2 set, R21 sets that are completely graded by PSA or SGC (mostly PSA). I love them just as much as I do my ungraded stuff. They aren't all 7's or 8's but mostly 5's and 6's.

We've beaten the dead PSA/SGC horse ad naseum over here. I think we're in a much better place today than we were 5 years ago with the graded v. nongraded debate. That's probably because more and more nonsports cards are now getting graded than were at that time. So.....if you're collecting a PSA NM7 HOW set, you might need to pay $125 for that card. If you want a NM raw HOW set, you'll probably wind up with stuff all the way from VGEX up to NRMT-MT if you buy raw at all different price levels but probably less than $125 a card. Either way, enjoy's a beautiful set.

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first thing he has written i actually understand
Charley Ramone
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Henry says: "I think PSA Sucks!"

You are not alone.

"showin the love since 1964"
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how interesting that some new poster starts this thread and never responds back, yet it gave a few of our "psa chasers" the opportunity to slam ralph and call him out on a meaningless stupid card.
Dave L
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First thing he has written i actually understand
mr moses
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humor is one of best facilitators to allow contrary viewpoints to co-exist. We should take non-sports seriously and ourselves not so much..........
Rand Brotman
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well now, who do you think started this post?

since alan moon was so surprised that ralph didnt respond, maybe he made it up to elicit a reaction


could it be richard lapointe (peewee) as ralph always referred to him, maybe he has nothing to do when the mail isnt flowing....

even tom the forum owner thinks its fishy.

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Why would you think I had something to do with it? Must you always be an *** wipe? Are you still pissed about those 4 low grade Sea Raider highs that took it to your 1200 dollar bid limit where I was the under-bidder? You don't like me, I get it so therefore I must have started the thread. Please go play with your SGC slabs!
Mark Edmunds
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Rand , Random suugestions to who the poster might be or based upon evidence ?

I'd say someone is enjoying a cold meal at Ralph Perrys expense , perhaps Ralph Perry has rubbed someone up the wrong way in past threads/posts .



edited to soften the question .
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