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Keith O'Leary
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Neat pieces Eric! I had an uncut sheet of flower silks once but it didn't have the registration marks or color legend. I love the domestic animals.


Tom Boblitt
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very cool items. The color is fantastic on those the printers info at the bottom is really clean....wonder if the ink used was the same as on paper? Seems like it would bleed if it was. Maybe not. Where did you pick something like that up? I know Bob Marcy from Scottsdale has a few proofs from some sets and I think I remember seeing proofs of some of the N2 cards at one time or the other.....
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The inks used on the silks are probably the same that they used on the cards but I can't say for sure. Also, in the lower right corner of the sheet it has the abbreviation Am-Tob-Co which I am sure is short for the ATC. I picked up both of the sheets on ebay. Here are the remaining 3 proof sheets from my collection. They're from the 1915 Ogdens set entitled "Boxers". If I had the fourth sheet, I'd have the entire set!


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Does anyone have any proof sheets or uncut sheets in their collection? I have a couple of proof sheets in mine. The sheet with the dogs is from the S2 set entitled "Domestic Animals" while the sheet with the flowers is from the Canadian SC7 set entitled "Flowers". Anyone else like to share pictures of uncut sheets or proof sheets from your collection, if you have them?


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Found these while looking for cards to scan for a collector & thought I remembered a thread for these

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