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For those that regularly post Indian Gum cards and the like on Ebay, how do you post under trading cards without getting a warning regarding use of the word, "Indians" or "Native Americans"?

As it is, I had to post without mentioning the word at all...

Thanks for any help.

dan mckee
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Who cares about the warning? If you read it, you will know that you are not in violation of anything selling Goudey Indian cards. Just ignore it and post away. Dan.>
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Actually, there are not Indian Gum cards but I would like to describe them using the word, "Indian". Just didn't want to get the auction pulled.....
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I list Indian Gum cards on ebay and I just ignore the warning. I have never had an Indian Gum auction pulled. Where you do run into problems is with Horror of War cards. Ebay will not let you use the word "JAPS" even when that is on the card title. Plus images of cards showing the Nazi Swastica can get pulled.
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Thanks Jerry and Dan. I appreciate the help!
Charley Ramone
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To the wonderful POLITICALY CORRECT world of Ebay, where Commonsense is not practical. You see Terry, there are people who are much smarter and devinely created to lord over us their powers of censoring what we speak,type,print and feel. You, me and millions of others just are not smart enough to figure out what is offensive and what is not. So, we need the good folks in San Jose to help us. In fact, these same folks have taken over most of the media and corporate "AMERIKA" and have figured out a way to gain control where they had none. They are also so smart that even though they are the minority , they can control the majority! Pretty I mean "Smart" people Would you not agree?

These folks also know where you should eat, what you should not eat,What you should read,When you should read,Replace your vast resources of coal and oil with mindless projects like Windmill farms,"Green Jobs" and the like. Try not to get to upset, instead learn, like all spineless politicians have..."Go along to get along"...No moral compass, No truth, No individuality,No Personality (Think : THX 1138 or orwell's 1984)

Just remember your place. Its at their feet. BTW ther're stuff does not stink and they have replaced God with fields of organic brocoli,trees, flowers, free sex and bans on meat & guns.

Soon,we all shall look the same,think the same,dress the same. Ah! I think to myself "what a wonderful world".

PS. These elitest have also determined that BLUE is the best color and they will no longer allow ANY fabrics,paints etc besides "calming blue" to be in use.


"Tellin it like it is and still clinging to my God, guns and gold since 1962."

Jerry and the others are right, ignore and list. Just remember: The walls have eyes and ears!

Do you know the way to San Jose?
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