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Tom Boblitt
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Added a button at top left entitled 'Current Poll'. Please feel free to vote in any of the polls added or drop me a note if you'd like to poll everyone on an issue. I'll probably set up a page to house all the previous polls as well so you can check back. Week or two maxx on the polls. Let me know your thoughts......
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Girls are WAY more expensive than cards!
Gilbert Maines
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And their condition deteriorates no matter how you store 'em.
Shawn Adkins
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Gil, that's why you keep upgrading....regularly.
Tom Boblitt
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Guess with no women here yet, this conversation can roll along!
Dan Calandriello
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I don't think you guys are politically correct !!


I guess it's like using a punching bag one here to punch back

As the Soup Nazi in Seinfeld once said... bad men....very bad

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Not the Soup Nazi - it was Babu (with the appropriate wagging of the <index> finger)
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I try to only go with nm/mt but they are hard to find and very expensive. Plus a lot of them have had "restoration" work.

Dan Calandriello
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ahh, Markfinn, you are right on the money.....Babu....what a funny character....
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On a serious note, are there any women NS collectors? I'm sure there are, but it would seem there are a number of NS issues which would appeal to female collectors?
Tom Boblitt
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Over at the baseball side of things............Julie (sold most of her stuff through REA recently) and Joann.........

Dan Calandriello
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Tom, I love your poll. So far, it's approx 3-1 if you compare all tobacco card collectors to those of the 30s.

I'm very surprised there are but 2 50s/60s collectors in the poll. They sure come out strong in those ebay auctions for 3 Stooges, Elvis and Mars Attacks. Maybe they just haven't connected with this Forum yest.

Anyway, keep up the great work. It's easy for us to keep posting and forget there is a person behind the scenes doing the dirty work. Maybe you can give us a little insite into your computer expertise. The picture of you and family seem to suggest you're are about 30 yrs old.
Dave G
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The Poll screen only allows you to select one topic - so it might be skewed - people will select their Primary Interest - so secondary interests are not reflected.
Dan Calandriello
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I understand. In my YOUNGER days, my primary interest was girls.

Now all I have is the MUTROSCOPE and American Beauties cards to look at.
Tom Boblitt
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there are some newer non-sports girls cards that could get you in trouble....

leave it at that......

The control for the polls will only let you select one I believe. I will double-check that one for future polls.
Tom Boblitt
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in the poll..........keep 'em coming. Tobacco seems to be 'winning' out. Kind of a WIIIDDDEEE area of collecting combining 19th and 20th Century, otherwise, kinda even if you look at it closely........

9/5/7/3 between N/T/30s/50's

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