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for the second time I have started to read thru our threads again from the beginning. Lots of good info. and a bit of drama. Perfect.
Mr. Moses

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Hi Henry - I also like to go back and read the old threads especially the tobacco
card ones.  I ran across one that you would love from November 24, 2009. 
It is "most / least popular Allen & Ginter Sets N1 - 34".  Too bad we don't get posts like that any more. I found it doing a search on "Worlds Dudes".  Like most of the guys
said in 2009 there are not too many bad "Allen & Ginter" sets.             tm

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Yeah, those drama threads are fun reading! The only problem is that the people involved often get hurt feelings, so from that standpoint, I wish there were less such threads. Maybe that's a good resolution for 2018 and the new platform: to go easier on each other and remember we're all on the same team. (It sure can't hurt to at least try.) Happy 2018 to all!
a.k.a. KurtK
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