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Ken Bush
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These are variations of the Jane Wyman and William Elliot Kellog's Pep
Photo cards.
Does anyone have any others?

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Tony Zale has a flipped negative version with different cropping but I've not yet looked for other cropping variations of it.

Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc
Todd Riley
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I've noticed 4 variation types with this set. I call them: Close Shot, Medium Shot, Long Shot, and Sepia. The Sepia type I usually only see one cropping but I guess there could be more of those as well. I think there could be quite a few variations in this set.

Here are some examples:

Close Shot Medium Shot Long Shot Sepia

Sometimes the sepia ones are hard to tell apart and sometimes they are very obvious. Like I said, I have no examples of a sepia one with more than one cropping.
Ken Bush
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Todd and Boxingcardman,

Thanks for the information. I have two variations of several cards and

some of the sepia ones but have not yet found a third cropping of any,

but I am still sorting through the ones that I have.

The Charlie Trippi card that I have is also a mirror image of the card shown in the Gallery.



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