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So, sometimes when I get bored, I trawl eBay for 1-cent, free-shipping listings that are about to end and bid on them. If they're cards of any kind, so much the better. I rarely win, but when I do, I get to look forward to a "surprise" in the mail (half the stuff I bid on that way I can't even tell what it is from the description). Such was the case last week when I found 48 listings for 1992 Donruss baseball common singles at a penny each with less than an hour to go. I ended up winning them all for less than the cost of a stamp.

The seller had the last laugh, though. When they arrived today, they were nicely packaged in two stacks inside a bubble mailer... with Scotch tape wrapped securely around each stack! I managed to get most of it off while damaging only two cards, but there's no way this was a mistake. The seller deals exclusively in baseball cards and has decent feedback. Half of me wants to leave him negative feedback on all 48 listings, and half of me thinks I should just let it go since I got at least 48 cents' worth of entertainment out of the situation.

He learned his lesson, though. Two days later, when I bid on all of his 1-cent Donruss 1993 commons with less than an hour to go the next day, each one was bid up to 2 cents immediately thereafter!

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Reminds me of the old joke about the guy who wanted to make money selling $5 hats for $4.  His friend asked him how he was going to make a living doing that, and he answered: "I'll make it up in volume!"
Those are the kinds of cards I either recycle, donate to my wife's school classes, or donate to the church yard sale.


PSA: "Sometimes Get Cheated",sr,i100 


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If those had been non-sports cards, I would have called the guy a jerk for being a vandal! (But since they were sports cards, no fuss, no foul! Haw-haw!)
a.k.a. KurtK
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