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Bill Christensen
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After reviewing my latest issue of the Wrapper, I am surprised no one has mentioned the item in the upper left hand corner of page 38. Any guesses how much this item will bring in the auction?
mr. moses
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and like the wrapper more (HA!) but as a 19th century guy I couldn't justify signing up for a third time. I DO reccomend it to others though. I guess I'll find out when it's over.
tony fryer
Reply with quote  #3 
we all know who owns it eh?

tony fryer
Reply with quote  #4 
I am too lazy to go to the bathroom to retreive my copy but I am hazarding a guess that is is the #25 wild west cowboy outfit redemption cards graded PSA 2.5
Reply with quote  #5 
I guess that's why some people call it the Crapper?
tony fryer
Reply with quote  #6 
just checked yup thats the card. I had to wait for it to dry as i dropped it in the bath!!!
Alan R. Moon
Reply with quote  #7 
For those of us who don't have this issue of the Wrapper, can we know what card you are talking about?

Aaron M.
Reply with quote  #8 
That's Jerry's #25 -- he's auctioning it off, along with the rest of his non-BION collection, in November's Legendary auction. This is a great opportunity to support one of our kindest hobby friends by bidding "early and often" on his material.

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