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Geoff Litwack
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It's a slow Saturday so I thought I'd post this to inflict my juvenile sense of humor on you all - earlier this week Les approved my first Wrapper wanted ad. I've removed the actual want list to comply with forum rules.

I know nobody likes Alan Rosen but I was wowed by his ads in Baseball Cards magazine when I was young, eight-year-olds being responsive to briefcases full of money and fanned Mickey Mantle rookie cards. So this is my tribute!
tony fryer
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What is the success rate selling in the Wrapper? I see the same cards up quite often,a few change their ad every issue (Danny-Todd to name 2)

Also how many people here buy REGULARY from the wrapper?
Kurt K.
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I buy regular from The Wrapper... (much to the chagrin of my girlfriend). I bet 75% of my collection comes from it. I also try to change my Wrapper ads each issue (unless I'm too caught up making the deadline for an article).

Whenever I have a new product, I find the Wrappers ads are a tremendous value. Who else offers a full page ad to the hardcore card collectors for under $100? And the classifieds are so cheap, it's not even funny.

Then again, maybe it IS funny. Because they are REALLY ridiculously cheap!

I like Mr. Poor-Fair's ad, or any ads that include a good dose of healthy humor. Here are some of my humble attempts at it:
Bill Christensen
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Geoff, those of us (and that includes just about everyone in the 'B' 'C' and 'D' age range remember the Alan Rosen ads of old and I think yours is a fine addition. We need fun in the hobby.

Tony, when my Wrapper arrives, I fold over the pages containing items I want to buy from that issue. Depending on available $$, I place my calls or emails and sometimes I am lucky to get my cards, other times I find they have already been sold.

On a personal note, I ran a small classified ad in the last issue and I sold my item within three days of its issuance. Like most other things, if it is priced right and has appeal, there is a good chance it will sell.
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Geoff - Solid Ad - Creative with a sense of Humor - Most Excellent -you may yet be qualified to work along side of me in the Federal Government

Kurt - your 1999 ads were Classic. I couldn't decide if I liked the Flesh Eating Bacteria for $3 or the Build Your Own H-Bomb for $39.95

Simply classic. And the Day Bill Told Off His Boss panel was pure genius!

Good stuff - and Kurt, you definately have a promising career in politics if you so choose
Bill Bengen
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Hi Geoff,

Quite creative, I liked it. I did find the message directly under the photo difficult to read, however, because of the font.

Best in collecting, Bill Bengen
Geoff Litwack
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Thanks for the kind words, guys! Kurt, if you have your old ads, post 'em, they sound great! Bill - you're right, and Les pointed out that the ad may lose even more detail in print. Anyway the motto says "buying cards with his allowance since 1986."
Kurt K.
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Hey Geoff,

They are too big to post here (they are full page ads), but you can see most of them at:

The links at the bottom move on to the following years.
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