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Todd Riley
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I like these oddball food inserts. Occasionally modern food companies still insert cards in their products. Usually it ties in with a current movie or kid related TV show.

I tried to go to the listed website but it didn't come up. I also noticed the "Sell by" date on the candy was 7/31/10. I wonder if the company is still in business?

I few years back the US tobacco companies tried bringing back tobacco cards in their products. Over a dozen different series were made. They were all nicely done and some of them are quite scarce. I wonder if a hundred years from now there will be people looking for these?

Here are some samples that came from Doral cigarettes:


Here are ones that came from American Spirit cigarettes (much tougher):

Jon Hardgrove
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Google gives more information.

I did check the listed telephone number for the business, and it has been reassigned to an individual. The company probably no longer exists.

And Todd, I agree. I generally buy virtually any food product that has cards on the box, or inside, whether or not I use the product. Can remember giving away lots of Little Debbie cakes. The cakes are not on my diet (but cannot pass up the cards).

Alan R. Moon
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My wife found this card in a chocolate bar the other day. I was surprised because I didn't know candy companies still included cards in their products. Do big companies (like Nestle or Hershey) include cards in any of their products today?


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