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Lance F
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Picked up the smaller of these two a few weeks ago from an auction Charley ran on the boards, purely for nostalgia's sake. The larger one is the one I had growing up, a hand-me-down from my grandmother, and I was surprised at the size difference when the one from Charley arrived (me not paying much attention to the dimensions and just assuming it was the same).

The smaller of the two is about 4-3/8"x6-1/2", and the larger is 6"x8". Identical graphics and text throughout with the exception of "No. 210" on the back of the smaller and "No. 211" on the larger.

Thanks for indulging this bit of nostalgia, and if anyone knows of a list of these numbered premiums, I would be interested in seeing it (may be showing my ignorance of these by assuming all were sequentially numbered just because these two were).

Charley Ramone
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Hey Lance, Just so you know...I had to reprint this in fyxric program. Limitations on what can be produced using this software. In your case, I just switched the numbers before I printed it so as to confuse you as you said you had another copy already.

I would elaborate more..

Look, gotta go...

I'l seend you a privte emauol.

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