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I want them all.

Each and every one.

Nice Dan, thanks.
Dan C
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tomorrow morning.....

JRS - approx 20 more

Mars Attacks - 3 more



Dan C
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Please use the links above.

Jets, Rockets, Spacemen - 20 adds

Mars Attacks - 3 adds



Dan C
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I received approx ten orig art images (Roger Nisly)
Les Davis
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...what a set! #10 is one of my all-time favorite cards. Thanks so much, Dan!
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i wonder why the JRS aliens all had moustaches ??? Actually why did the saturday serials type baddies all have them as well (Ming the Merciless ???) Or is it a little like the Black Hatters in the old Westerns, they signified villiany !!

LOL... just makes me offence to anyone with a moustache !!
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