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Some of you will remember me from the 80's to when I got out of the Hobby in about 2013. At that time I sold off most of my Non Sports Stuff, two Boys in College, Nasty Monetary Divorce, Over Extended in Real Estate, it will be. Some items never left, I still collect and have dozens of Horror Movie Posters framed all around my place, my specialty is Slasher Full Sheet Framed 41 X 27, 1970-1990 Films. Anything with Boobs and Blood and I'm all over it! I rotate them somewhat but have 20 or so that are up at all times, Phantasm, Friday 13th, Silent Night Deadly Night,  Silent Night Evil Night, (1975, better known as Black Christmas), Motel Hell, Humanoids From The Deep, Day of the Triffids, etc.

I got a random e-mail to join Tom's Non Sports Auction site about 6-8 months ago and after selling a few items through him I still had, of course I got the bug again.

So here I am doing this thing again! I have started with the Mutoscope War Time Sets of 7 different Glamour Girls from 1940-47. Mainly 1945 Artist Pinups for a start, looking to do a really Hi Grade set. Also Uncut 1944 Gum Inc. Uncut Sheets. I was lucky and found 2 lots of 50 each Artist Pin-Ups that were obviously Vending. Got them, extremely well packaged for a song, and 84 of them have started the long arduous journey at PSA.

Although I know I'll never have what I had before.........its still Fun, and with this whole Covid thing, sitting at home spending hours perusing E-bay is time enjoyed Again!

So have a Great Day

YeeHah! [biggrin][biggrin]

Neil N. Duty

The Scooper

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Welcome back Sir

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It’s such a great hobby welcome back Neil!

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Glad to have you back!
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