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April 7th......New Jersey shore area.

    Local gas - 1.99 gallon

    Grocery shopping - Everyone wore masks.
                                Many wore protective gloves.
                                No paper products.


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We live in southeastern Ct.  I don't blame NYC people for abandoning ship, but they've spread the virus thru out the northeast. 
Our governor forgot to close Home Depot and Lowes, so thousands of people are in and out of them every day too.
I will be 69 next month and have owned a heating and air conditioning business for 34 years.  I am shutting it down, but only a year ahead of time. My wife wants to list the house, buy a Winnebago and head out but all the national parks and Canada are closed, so we will see.
She is the deputy town clerk, essential,  and has to work everyday.
The rivers where stocked last week and I am going for trout right now.

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 I am retired and live in a small village ( population about 1600 ) in southeastern
Michigan. When the lockdown first started some nervous Nellies made a run on
the local Super Market, but it is about back to normal and a have no difficulty
buying what I need.
I am spending a lot of time on the computer, working on a large project for the local
Historical Society to which I belong. I try to get out every day and take a walk
around town, like I have always done. I see alot more walkers now with so many
people who are not working. The walks are different now. I used to stop and chat
with the people I met. Now when I meet someone they cross to the other side of
the street.
So far no one in the village has gotten sick, but the virus is working its way
north from Detroit and it probably only a matter of time before it gets here.
I do not know anyone here that has gotten sick and so far none of my friends
and relatives in other areas of the state and country are well.

Be careful, stay well 
Bob Kuhl

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I live in Niles, Ohio,  near Youngstown.  Pretty much right smack between Cleveland and Pittsburgh.  We've had a few cases in the area, but we've been on house lockdown for quite a while.  I'm still working, but it's been very quiet.  I was thrilled to cut the grass today, just to do something "normal."  I've been able to get groceries and such with no problem.  Last I looked, gas was $1.14.  Hope we all stay well.  Take care.

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wow, what a thread. I can't believe I just saw it.  Here in Fairfield County, SW Connecticut. it is paranoia. Staying home is the norm. Went to a Large grocery store today for a minute.
Deli counter is closed, you have to buy everything packaged.  cannot get paper goods, no soup, no ice cream,  very little meat, you cannot be choosey for anything. Lucky to get soap.  I feel for Dr. Frank. 
I had the privlidge of going to a card show with him in NY a few years ago, a super great guy.  We should all be praying for him. 
He is right in the middle of it.  Many doctors in NY are catching it.  I hope the best for everyone here at Net 54 ns, so many good guys & gals here. 
Let's all keep Frank in our thoughts & prayers, he is helping so many people. Thank you Frank & all on the front line.  ted

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Our day, here in North San Diego, was comprised of walking the dog in a quiet neighborhood and ordered dinner (supper for you folks not on the West Coast) at one of the local restaurants still trying to service the locals with take-our food from a non-take-out place.  I chatted (through my bandana) with the owner lady.  She was glum and said they were trying to stay open as long as possible.  With my to-go order, she gave me a complimentary roll of toilet paper.  I got a laugh out of it, asked her if there was a secret ingredient in the food, and tipped her $10. 

We're not using much T.P. these days since I installed a "Clear Rear".  It's a handy device that I don't feel like describing.  This can't last forever and I wish the best for all America ... especially my Non-Sport buddies.  Stay safe.  - Jack J.

p.s. - I'm almost done with the 2000 piece jig-saw puzzle of the Las Vegas strip.

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I am in Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley).  My law practice was in Burbank; now is in my dining room.  Our Mayor and Governor were absolute heroes IMO for paying attention and shutting down before other places did. My daughter is finishing her degree in biology of infectious diseases at UC Davis, and she told the two of us to shut down a week before the government. She also came home at that point because the school shut down classes and mandated online finals.  We have been home now for 4 weeks.  My wife worked at home part of her time anyway, so she had the home office fully prepared and her company (a big one), mandated home working pretty quickly.  No issue there.  All I need is a laptop and happily I bought a high end mac two years ago.  Transitioning some of the business has been challenging, esp. billing software and phone services.  

i feel that the other shoe has yet to drop in terms of my business.  My primary practice is construction and real estate, with a good amount of general business as well.  Most of my clients are in 'essential industry' so they are still working. Others are not, mostly small restaurant, entertainment and retailers, and this has been just devastating for them. Some of them have already put me on notice that they cannot afford to pay me right now.  I am trying to help them regardless. When this ends and they are still standing, they are going to owe me a lot of comped meals, open bar tabs, etc.  The courts are mostly closed, so i expect my business to slow now with an eventual rebound once they reopen.  

Shopping for food is as much work from home as actually going out.  We have simultaneous orders going with instacart at multiple stores because it can take 3-7 days to get a delivery or pick-up window.  I drove past a market at few times, and it was just a sh*t-show: people massed outside most unmasked waiting for the 50 at a time to get in to keep spacing inside the store.  I am so paranoid (I have asthma and I am a fat 55 year old, so I am prime hunting ground for the bug) that I won't eat takeout; a cheeseburger with a side of virus coughed onto it is not real appealing right now. 

One thing it makes sense to do if you are in a similar pickle is to try and whip yourself into the best shape possible: cut the junk food, work out, etc.  I had been on a lifestyle change mission since I had a heart scare in September, and had shed about 20#; now 25# and counting. Relentlessly practicing my yoga every day, eating tons of veg, lots of the supplements my MD recommends to boost my immune system, good sleep (not so easy; sure am glad we legalized weed here in Cali).  

Some commentators say that the cost of this is too much.  I disagree.  I have friends in that commuter corridor of death from NYC into northern NJ and the stories they tell of their friends and families are just heartbreaking: mothers, fathers, cousins, aunts and uncles, all dead or in ICUs, children orphaned.  This is not a flu or whatever other analogy people choose to draw. There is no vaccine and no cure: you tough it out or you die.  We also don't know who gets it, how badly they get it, or why they get it.  If you're over 65 or have an underlying health issue, the kill rate is huge.  If you have a genetic vulnerability to the bug, ditto.  The willful lack of preparation and coordinated response at the national level is the great shame of this pandemic.  States that were left to figure it out and whose leaders took it seriously are doing ok.  I live in the most populous state and we have a far lower rate of infection than most of the smaller states because our state leaders listened to the epidemiologists and took this seriously at the start.  We can make money later, but we can't replace our families.  

God is not on our side because He hates idiots
The demagogue is the public face of collective stupidity
How did a life on the wild side ever get so dull?
We can be heroes, just for one day
Judge a man by how he treats someone who can do nothing for him--Nick Charles
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