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Jack J.
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If the Ebay winner of the Strange True Stories unopened pack is on this forum, let me congratulate you. The winning bid of $126 is certainly low for a pack of this title. However, I would like to open it to all members as to what is the collectability of an item such as this. The condition, of course, is far from optimum. I spent some time in Photoshop reconstructing the wrapper from the pieces shown, and as my image below shows, there wasn't enough left for me to bid much for it as a novelty. I did bid, but low enough that my offering didn't show up amongst the bidders.

So, was this a steal or a waste of someone's money? - Jack J.

---Reconstruction-----------------------------------------Original Images
Jon R
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Hey Jack - love the post that was an effort beyond my skills on photoshop! Personally I love an unopened pack when I can find one but in this case I'd rather have a decent wrapper and a minty card to wrap it around than one that's been semi-devoured.

Funny to think the mice were as sniffy at the gum as I was when I was kid buying gum cards - maybe they chomped into it all excited only to go 'darn it, number 21, got! don't need!' and moved on to the next one.

Regards from over the pond.


Claude Emond
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I wouldn't call it collectable but given the rarity I wouldn't mind it in my binder but not at the price sold.
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In my opinion it's total junk and worth next to nothing. You could have bought a nice wrapper in Legendary's auction two days ago for $600.

Unless of course this is the rare " jig saw" version.
Daniel H
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Agree with Flubadub.

Interesting that while the mouse ate the wax wrapper and the card it didn't touch the gum. The only part that should have been edible. Must have been some terrible gum.
Jason R.
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I agree with Jon; that's a heck of a Photoshop job! It also answers my question about how much of the wrapper was actually left.

I thought for a split second about bidding on this for the same reason Claude shared, but ultimately decided against it. I fall on the "worthless junk" side of the argument (but I just paid good money for a sliver of a Dopey Bubble Gum box, which is probably also worthless junk, so what do I know?).

That said, it's interesting to see how the wrapper folded around the card and that neither the "Thrilling Chilling Stories" circle nor the shark (with the exception of the tail) would have been all that visible while the pack was sitting in the box.

I was surprised the wrapper went for so little on Legendary. I was expecting at least $1,000.

Edited to add: Yeah, Flubadub, it's the jigsaw version, all right. With more than a few pieces missing!
Jack J.
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thanks for your kind words. The Photoshop project was fun. I had a complete wrapper image on a different layer which I used to size and position the individual pieces which I had at about 60% opacity.

I would have paid $50 for the pack just to honor a great wrapper, set and card...kind of like going to the funeral of a friend. But I agree, there is no "collector value" to the scraps. - Jack J.
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missed the auction but I might have bid on the mouse if it was up for sale .
Claude Emond
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I can probably name a thousand persons who would say the exact same thing about grown men buying little cardboard with crude picture of whatever on it.
Jack J.
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Wow Claude, you know a thousand people by name? You must not be huddled in a dark room with all those little pieces of cardboard the way the rest of us are. Ha! - Jack J.
Claude Emond
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Actually Jack they are all the ones with cards that I want, I'll let you figure out the expletive that goes with each name
Jeff O.
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This just shows some people have more money than good sense. At least that is my opinion, which has the same value of this wrapper, which is nothing.
Kurt K.
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"But possibly the most complete pack in existence."

Wow, that's a stretch, but hey, who says you can't ballyhoo some BS to make a buck? I hope it sells for MILLION$!
Mike d
Reply with quote  #14 
Looks like someone is hoping to make a killing on flipping this in a lot along with the wrapper from legendary and three beaters for $3K.
tony fryer
Reply with quote  #15 
Its on the buy and sell here too
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