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Hi.  I'll start this month off with the below N760 Papoose Cigar Presidential Candidates series tobacco card.  It's the only one that I have ever come across and now the lone example in Todd's database.


N760 Harrison c.jpg 


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Here's a Grover Cleveland from Worthpoint for Todd's database.


Bill O.

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Nice one, Jeff! I'm not big into N cards (financially, I have to draw the line somewhere), but I always appreciate a rare specimen.

Most of these are late October pickups, but that ship has sailed, so I'm lumping them in with November.

Topps Mini Model Cars wrappers, assembled cars and parts, and two track cards 

Dynamic Toy "Popeye" and "Ripley's Believe It or Not" boxed jumbo trading card sets

Topps "Insult Postcards" near set

IMG_5901.jpg"Monkees" cereal box card, Topps "Fightin' Marines" unopened pack and 1958 Leaf "Card-O" types. Also a card with the Marcels (of "Blue Moon" fame) that I'm not familiar with, if anyone can help identify 

A couple of Exhibit "license" cards and an unusual Nu-Card "Prehistoric" card with Hobby Trading Post advertising on the back

Topps 1966 "Comic Book Foldees"

Topps "Slob Stickers," a Lever Brothers "Jet and Rocket Plane" aluminum trading card and two unknown aircraft cards

Master Vending "Robing Hood" cards from two series: a near set of "Taxing the Sheriff" and five different "A Bombshell for the Sheriff"

Schutter-Johnson "Tarzan and the Crystal Vault of Isis" complete set

I picked up a large lot of wrappers from two dealers at the Philly Non-Sports Card Show:

Topps "Robin Hood"

Bowman "Television and Radio Stars of N.B.C."

Topps "Nasty Valentine Notes" 

Topps "Bugs Bunny Tattoos"  

Topps "Silly Stickers"

IMG popups.jpg 
Topps "Pop-Ups" wrapper...

...and card

Topps "Phoney Record Stickers"

Topps "Nasty Notes"  

Topps "Insult Postcards"

Topps "Crazy Cards"

Topps "Flags of All Nations"

Topps "Planes of the World"

Topps "Round-Up"

Goudey "Boy Scouts"

Topps "Goofy Postcards"

Topps "Presidents and Famous Americans"  

Topps "Flags of the World"

Topps "Nutty Initials"

Swell "Dark Shadows Giant Pinups

Topps "Bring 'Em Back Alive"

And a few from Tom's auction that I'm looking forward to having in hand soon:

Mr Magic.jpg
Novel Candy "Mr. Magic" box

Airplane 1.jpg 
Airplane 2.jpg 
Airplane 3.jpg 
"Airplane Series" lot; this brings me within seven of the full set

Big Alarm.jpg 
Williamson "Big Alarm!" boxes with fire engine cut-outs

Chew Choo Bubblekiss.jpg
And finally, a grail to cross off my list: a Goudey "Chew-Choo Bubblekiss" box


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Jason - A lot of great pick-ups.  The Fightin' Marines pack is actually the O-Pee-Chee Canadian version.  I find it pretty bold to change the flag from American to Canadian for this iconic Iwo Jima image.  - Jack J.

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Thanks, Jack! I hadn't noticed before that the flag was different. I think I like it even more now!
Terry G.

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Three extremely rare Canadian Parkhurst wrappers...I love their simplicity.

Operation Sea Dog (Crash Dive) BELL-174-1
Parkhurst Crash Dive (OSD) Wrapper.jpg     

Guns and Pistols BELL-126-3

Parkhurst Guns and Pistols Wrapper.jpg 

Western Brands BELL-228-4

Parkhurst Western Brands Wrapper.jpg 


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I just won a group of 4 very worn N283's from a seller in Albuquerque.  Taggert is detached, but the other 3 are still intact, barely.  

The seller told me he found them along with a bunch of other cards in a storage unit.  Moral of the story:  keep digging!

n283_john-kelly.jpg  n283_jim-burrows.jpg  n283_vic-e-vanzant.jpg  n283_james-taggert_(detached).jpg

Bill Cornell
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Picked up a few R9's with one grading a 3. Difficult set to pursue. A couple of Airplane Series, some BION's, a Tootsie, a few Foreign Legion upgrades, some William Heaslip Coca Cola cards and a second Diver's License (with Ava) always looking good for the collection.

1.jpg  2.jpg  3.jpg  4.jpg  5.jpg  6.jpg  7.jpg  8.jpg

I appreciate the encouraging words, I'll pass them on...


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Appreciate the...background on the Mutoscope.  

1934 National Chicle Sky Birds Earhart.jpg 

This just in.  Not a collector but I liked the design.

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You outdid yourself again. And the cards are nice too 😉

Nice pickups everyone!
non-sports daniel

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Those N283s are so difficult. Nice pickups. I wonder who has the largest accumulation of N283s. Any way, love seeing them here.


You have only seven posts; feel free to step up to the plate and post a little more often! Your posts are always appealing as I also have an interest in...airplane cards.


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Wait. Allen posted some cards? Didn't see them...…. Always a pleasure the two times a year you come by. Tootsie and RBION - nice to see you've branched out a bit. They're both neat sets....

man deserves to have his name speeeeled correctly.

Mr. Moses

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Jason, quite the haul!  I see a Pop Up in there, is that the elusive type example?
Dave Hornish

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Dave, it's actually my third Pop-Up (I had the opportunity to buy a fourth once, but it was too rich for my blood, especially since I already had a couple for type). I also have Frankenstein's monster and one that will remain unknown because it's in a sealed pack that I don't intend to open.

If you ever run across one, I'd love to trade you a Pop-Up for a Flip-Up....

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Netted this complete WWG Jungle Gum from a recent auction. Always loved the art (adapted from T29 Hassan animals, and perhaps Hassan used an earlier source?) and been working the set piecemeal for awhile. Good to put this to bed all at once!

jungle 11.jpeg 
   jungle 2.jpeg  jungle 4.jpeg  jungle 6.jpeg  jungle 8.jpeg  jungle 10.jpeg 


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Very nice! Congratulations.
Mr. Moses

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I have been wanting to show these two cards for a long time. Today I decided to fight with my computer and do it. I wonder what happened to the rest of the cards that were on the sheet the right card was printed on? But the one here has got to be the best combination.

image 1.jpeg  Image (2).jpg

Joe Marciano

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Some great pickups everyone!

Jason, Wow! Some really great items.

Here are a few crumbs I've gotten (many from late Oct which I haven't been able to post until now as I have been very busy with life for the past several weeks)...

Strip of movie star cards...

I was outbid in Tom's auction on all the colored Zoom cards but managed to pick up this lot..

A World War Gum wrapper variant I needed...

These are all new but it is interesting how retro inspired many of the newer products are. (Halloween trading card based on the original film printed on retro stock, Funny Fiends are a nod to the old Ugly Stickers, and some Mars Attacks promo's for the upcoming Mars Attacks Uprising series with some cool Mars Attacks Initial stickers - also some Marvel convention cards from the 90's)...


One of my favorite pickups - Dino Candy Halloween Treat boxes with mini cards and 3D backs. These are awesome!

I'm a big fan of the "D" bakery bulletin issues from the 1930's-40's and was happy to pick these up...
IMG_5913.jpg  IMG_5914.jpg  IMG_5915.jpg  IMG_5916.jpg 

A near set of the 1930 Dixie Ice Cream premiums (these are mostly the "unnamed" versions which are supposed to be much rarer than the "named" versions, yet I have way more of these than I do the named ones. Could the info actually be reversed or have I just been lucky?)..

Lastly, some Gum Berries Lids proof cards. (Does anyone know the story on these? I often see mint sets of the Rocks' O Gum die-cut lids yet never see the Gum Berries Lids except occasionally like these square cut cards.)..

Todd Riley

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Todd, I'm a big fan of the dino boxes and cards, too [wink]  I'm glad you like them.

My big wrapper year continues!

National Chicle "Tom Mix" wrapper

Lone Ranger.jpg 
Bowman "Lone Ranger" wrapper. I wish this one had been in a little better shape, but for what I paid, it's just lovely.

IMG_20191116_0001.jpg  IMG_20191116_0002.jpg 
Earlier this month, I posted a preview of my Goudey "Chew-Choo Bubblekiss Gum" box. Now I have a pair of wrappers to go with it! I had never seen these before. They're both cellophane, and some of the printing has worn off the lower left edge of the yellow one (which is slightly smaller than the blue one). With repeating images of a football player, tiger, clown, Native American scout, bull rider, airplane, hockey player, baseball catcher and boxer, I'm not sure what these have to do with trains... but they're phenomenal!


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I thought about bidding on that lone ranger jason
and also thought I might try cleaning it with soap and water.
Then placing it in a big book
Never tried it before but I dont thing it would be tampering

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Jason, I like those wrappers. Especially those cello ones. It would seem the cello's wouldn't survive too well and those look nice.

I few more recent for me...

Set "B" of the D84 U.S. Armed Services cards by Tip-Top bread. I have always like the art on these which reminds me of the Uncle Sam and War Gum artwork from around the same time (I wonder if they are indeed the same artists?). It also came with the original envelope...

My one win from Tom's latest auction. I had never seen this version of the Highlights Of The History Of America set before. I'll be hopefully adding it to the database later today.

I was very excited to pick up these 7 different Sally Ann Bread bakery sets from the 1940's with their albums. Sally Ann items are much tougher to find than the Gordon's Bread versions of the sets.

These are on the way so don't have them in hand yet. Space Patrol Magic Space Pictures from Chex cereal. I know there are lots of fakes on these so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that these are real.

Lastly, I was super excited to pick up this V92 Jack Tar Series: Ships Of The British Navy (AKA:Britain's Mighty Warships) wrapper. I believe it is my earliest card related wrapper (circa 1920's)..

Todd Riley

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Ah Todd ... another arrow through the heart.  That Jack Tar wrapper is a real beauty.  I suddenly like that series of cards much more.  If you ever see another one...  - Jack J.

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Picked up a few tea cards from the UK. About 2,000 cards.No complete set and I am not sure if anyone on this site is from the
UK that may be able to help with singles so that I could complete a few of the sets that are within 2 - 5 cards from being complete
sets.Way too many of these to scan.But I also picked up from the same person 2 small lots of 1940 Cracker Jack cards. The V-408
British Empire "Victoria Cross" Heroes I got 10 different.And the V-407 ,United Nations Battle Planes I have 51 different cards.Thanks.


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Let me know what you need. If the tea cards are Brooke Bond, then these are very common. Full sets (50) for many are less than £5, although there are one or two sets that can fetch up to £100.
(i) Old card hobby history, particularly vintage publications - magazines, price lists, books, hobby correspondence.
(ii) And any cards pre-1885, particularly Thos. H. Hall.

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Just a few assorted cards including a personalized Yu-Gi-Oh card from the San Diego Comic Con and a packet of Swedish rock star cards from 1966 with original contents.
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