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Alan R. Moon
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So far, I know these variations exist:

#1 - Black Bart (Dave Lemon has one) and Buffalo Bill (see my card below)
#3 - Buffalo Bill and Kit Carson (see my cards below)
#4 - Bat Masterson and Billy The Kidd (see my cards below, at least I think one of the Billy The Kidd cards is #4 but it's hard to tell)
#6 - Will Bill Hickock (in the Net54 Gallery) and Billy The Kidd (my card)

I also have in my notes that Pat Garrett and Clay Allison both have #16 cards.

If anyone else has additional variations, please add to this list. Thanks.


Dave L
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Bob Pacific
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From what I've seen, the most variations occur in the first 6 cards. All but two of my cards above #6 have lines of wording on the back of the card that's 2 1/4 inches across max (I don't have #12 and #24 is only 2 1/16 across). If these 16 cards are the originals, then any card from #1 through 6 with those dimensions is probably also original. Looking at the cards I have, or have seen, I came up with the following originals for #1-6: #1 Black Bart, #2 Kit Carson, #3 Buffalo Bill, #4 Billy the Kid, #5 Bat Masterson, #6 Wild Bill Hickock. If reprints are all 2 1/16 inches across, then I come up with the following that I have or have seen: #1 Buffalo Bill, #2 Wild Bill Hickock, #3 Kit Carson, #4 Bat Masterson, #5 Black Bart, #6 Billy the Kid. There is also another #1 Billy the Kid, which is probably a reprint. Alan Moon mentioned two #16s Garrett and Allison (I have #15 Garrett, and #16 Allison). And, I have #24 Annie Oakley, which may be a reprint. So, there's probably more reprints. My ramblings will need more input before I could say it's correct. Every time I look at eBay or Network54 some new information seems to pop up. So, look at your cards and see if the 2 1/4 vs. 2 1/16 inches across lines of wording is a valid way of determining original vs. reprintt.
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