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Hi, We all know about Ebay & B/S/T here but has anyone found any on line sites we can all start using. If you know a good one would you please post it here. We can all start buying
& selling there. I would love to start buying & selling elsewhere. Thank you in advance.
And by the way I'm very serious about this, we can all benefit.
Jason R.
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I've bought a few cards in the past couple years from etsy and eBid, but the vast majority of my purchases come from (in order from greatest to least) eBay, the Philly show, auction houses, Wrapper ads, antique stores/malls and flea markets.
Chuck V
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Thanks Claude.

I just checked out Comc for the first time and actually made a couple of quick purchases.

Great selection of non-sports.
J0hn Raff3rty
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Postcard collectors/dealer website is . Not much other than postcards, but they do a monthly or so auction of "grabbag" postcards where they scan four and start the auction at $1. No title, no description. Just high-res scans to pore over for deals. is good for buy-it-nows. I sell on the site under mjohnatgt and always accept offers of 20% off items, but will consider offers down to 50%. They did a trial run on auctions in December, and it looks like they'll roll out auctions later in the year. So check back. New stuff gets added every day, but they don't have the automatic searches set up like eBay has.
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No new sites or are there secrets on 54? This is something we can all benefit

from & move away from the bay.
Alan Miley
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Look on the Links page
Tom Boblitt
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Are you looking for a site where you can sell a card or two? If so, theres really only ebay and the BST. If you're trying to sell sets, lots, groups of cards, there's always some of our advertisers or other auction houses, etc. If you're looking to buy cards at auction, pretty much the same.......ebay is the 500 lb gorilla even though they work so diligently to screw us out of more compensation daily.......

Jim VB
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I don't understand this entire thread!

Claude Emond
Reply with quote  #9 it's mostly modern sports but I'm guessing if they had enough request for non-sport and vintage they might add it to the list.

Correction: they do have non-sport and vintage.
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I was just wonderin whether there was a site I was missing out on. Like you said

Tom ebay always has those fees & there are other things I could complain about.

It would be nice if they had some competition, I get tired of them (ebay). But there

really seems to be no other on line sites to visit. Thanks for responding guys.

Appreciate it. tm
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Its down at the moment, but look for Collector Sector.. seller fees are a fraction of what is now Law of The Bay
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