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Amit Benyovits
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Does anyone know where i can buy one of these guides.
Michael Monahan
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The Non Sport Bible will be pretty tough to acquire at this point. Those of us who present payments remained on a waiting for list for about 1 1/2 years if I remember correctly. I believe they sold out shortly thereafter. I couldn't imagine a collector who would be willing to give theirs up, but who knows, you may get lucky. I'd keep checking EBay.....

Best of luck on your quest!
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total seen offered: zero
Charley Ramone
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Henry, you must have fallen asleep at the wheel 1 week...I listed and sold 1 on ebay just this year.

It ran 7 days, right category,..closed with 1 bid at about 100.00 paid 135.00

I'm just sayin (smile)

"tellin it like it is since 1967"
Amit Benyovits
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Thanks for the info guys.didn't realize this bible would be tougher than the Holy one to find.

I'll have to go to the Warehouse

Lance F
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Check with Chris Watson, the author of the NSB, as I believe he may still has a limited number of copies available. I'm not sure how often he checks the boards (if at all), but if you e-mail him directly, he should get back to you. If it takes a while, be patient, as he is not as active in the hobby as he once was. The NSB is well worth the wait (and weight).

His e-mail is:

Also, I should note that Chris has his e-mail in the NSB itself, or else I would not post it here. If there are any objections, I'll gladly remove it from the post.
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Sorry folks - the books I have extras of are Chris Benjamin's - NOT CHRIS WATSON"S NonSport Bible. Scans of the extra books I have:

These two books have been out of print for over 20 years and are collector's items. Email me if you are interested.
Jack J.
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Jerry - I'd be very interested in a copy. I've sent you an email. Thanks

- Jack J.
David M
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I believe this is the info you need if you want to purchase a NSB.

From: []

Sent: Sunday, July 17, 2011 19:12

To: Maupin, David L

Subject: Re: Non-Sport Bible


Greetings and thanks for the inquiry. I do in fact still have a few copies available for purchase. Each is $125 plus $8 P&H shipped stateside outside of Pennsylvania. If you reside within PA, then they get an extra $8 state tax. I accept personal checks and money orders.

Non-Sports Bible

c/o Chris Watson

447 Militia Hill Road

Fort Washington, PA 19034

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I`m also very interested in getting one of those...

Sent an e-mail too.

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If you are interested I have two extra of the Chris Watson Non-Sport Guides available.
Amit Benyovits
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Thanks for the info guys.I've received a reply from chris that he has several copies left but i'm waiting for a reply back re shipping to Canada.seems like it takes him several days to respond to e-mails.


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