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Kurt K.
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If someone posted about this, I missed it: There's a postal strike going on in Canada and all mail to and from there has come to a grinding halt. They won't even accept any mail to Canada at our US Post offices. And here's the kicker, this strike has been going on for three weeks (and counting).

I found out about it by accident when I tried to send a package to Canada, and they wouldn't even give me the prices for postage for when the strike is over. Their computers won't show any rates.

What do our Canadian members have to say about this?

Jack J.
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I have some cards I won on Ebay from a dealer in Canada and haven't been able to get a quote on postage. He emailed me with his situation. I told him I payed for the item, and to let me know when I can send postage. Who knows when I'll get my cards. What we need is more Unionization! -Jack J.
Lance F
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I believe this past Saturday (6/18) was the last day that the US post offices would accept mail heading to Canada. I've got several packages set aside waiting for things to break. I spoke earlier this week with one buyer who said that the postal workers were supposed to be legislated back to work on Friday, but we'll see.

I haven't gotten any dings on my eBay account for shipping time this month, but I can almost guarantee some knucklehead canuck will hit me up before it's all done (Nothing against Canadians, as we have our fair share of domestic knuckleheads as well).
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The UK Post Office hasn't accepted any mail going to Canada for well over a week .

So if any Canadians are expecting UK post then it's not going to happen for a while .

I just asked the wife (who works at the P.O and the situation is still the same)

Claude Emond
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"as we have our fair share of domestic knuckleheads as well"

10 to 1 according to the demographic

There is always the private carrier (UPS, Fedex etc.) if it's urgent, hard to justify for a $2.00 card though.
Les Davis
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Wrapper #260 will be mailed next week. Hopefully the strike will be over and I can get the copies out to our many Canadian subscribers. Can a Canadian Forum member please inform me as soon as the strike is over? Thanks!
Rick McQuillan
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Hi Kurt,

Here is the link for International First Class prices from the US to other countries.

Eric B
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Talk about an ill-timed strike. Canadians are realizing they really don't care about getting the mail, they can just send emails and pay bills over the phone. One quote I saw said their job isn't that difficult and they get paid an awful lot.
Lance F
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"their job isn't that difficult and they get paid an awful lot"

Isn't that what everybody says about any job until they actually have to do it?

I think making a blanket statement of "Canadians are realizing they really don't care about getting the mail" is a bit much. Correspondence and bill-paying are definitely not the only uses of a postal system....
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I didn't say it. Articles like this are common.;_ylt=At1am36E99NBCrLr1dOaPE.s0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTNwbm01amIwBGNjb2RlA3dlaWdodGVkY3QEcGtnA2E2MzAyYzg4LWJiNDctMzUwMC04ZDk4LTY2NzNjYWQ5OTMzYwRwb3MDNgRzZWMDbW9zdF9wb3B1bGFyBHZlcgNiNzNiOTIzMS05ZGRlLTExZTAtYjZmNy1hZmQ0Y2M4NDU0OGU-;_ylg=X3oDMTFpNzk0NjhtBGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDBHBzdGNhdANob21lBHB0A3NlY3Rpb25z;_ylv=3
Lance F
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From the above article:

"In addition, some of the losses in letter mail have been offset by an increase in parcel delivery, as more people do their shopping online."

"It is clear people are using our system differently and we have to change the way business is done,"

"Canada Post should improve its parcel delivery service, especially to Canadas vast rural areas, that post office counters should be open outside business hours and..."

The article spends a lot of time talking about 1st Class Letters and how people don't communicate or pay bills by 1st Class Letter Mail any more, but almost completely glosses over the parcel delivery side of the postal system. I buy a LOT of things online that are shipped to me, as do a lot of Canadians, especially (I would imagine) in the more rural areas where well-stocked stores are few and far between. Even if you completely discount the need for an available letter service, there is still the need for affordable package delivery. Sure, UPS and Fed-Ex are options, but only economical for larger packages. Ever looked at what it would cost to send 1 or 2 cards through either of those carriers?

Personal shopping/shipping preferences aside, show me one developed country without a national postal system...
tony fryer
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I sold stuff on e-bay and the stuff I sent out is in limbo somewhere so I expect a ton of negative feedback about long delay in shipping.What can I do but suck it up eh?
Lance F
Reply with quote  #13 

SUPPOSEDLY eBay is sending messages and notifications to all Canadian buyers reminding them that sellers are not responsible for postal delays. Unfortunately, the types of buyers who will leave negative feedback without first contacting the seller are the same types who completely ignore messages and notifications from eBay. So yeah, despite their reassurances, I'm expecting some negs too.

Maybe eBay will throw sellers a bone and not count negs from Canadian buyers who made purchases during this period? Yeah, right.
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Our Canadian letter carriers are supposed to be starting up again as of tomorrow (June 28). Let's hope that it continues. I've been waiting patiently for the results of eight different card buys/trades!
tony fryer
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Woo bastards are back to work first mail in tomorrow. I am waiting for over a thousand cards to come in.Probably nearer 2,000 if I sit and check. Needless to say I will not hog the july pick up thread.
Allen Mc
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June 28, 2011 Tuesday 7:00AM



On Sunday, June 26, the Canadian government passed back-to-work legislation, requiring Canadian postal employees to return to work last night.

USPS will begin accepting mail for Canada starting today. Mail held in the USPS network since the work stoppage began is being released in stages and transported to Canada.

Due to the large volumes of mail held by countries, customers will experience slightly longer transit times. USPS is working closely with the Canada Post to keep these delays to a minimum.

Meanwhile, Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) still is available for delivery into Canada and remains the best option to avoid delays in service. GXG is available at thousands of retail locations across the country or through Click-N-Ship at

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