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Tom Boblitt
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We've made a couple of contacts across the ponds to our East and to our West. Both have said they'd give us an update to the collecting of insert cards in their respective countries. This is just a FORMAL invite to do so at their convenience. If possible, photos would be great (you can use for a free account THROUGH Net54 here) and details about cigarette vs. gum vs. other manufacturers. Since the slant of the forum is primarily 1970 and back, it'd be good to keep it in that vein--even with the Non-US, Non-Sport issues unless everyone would want more details. We would all appreciate any info and if there are any other questions about your respective areas before you guys get anything together, other members should post them here so you might be able to address them.

We're not necessarily looking for War & Peace here but any detail would be cool. Thanks again for finding us, tell your friends, and let us know if you have questions on US issues........

Best regards........

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I only know of a few sets from overseas, but here are some I'd appreciate any info/pix regarding:

New Zealand---those cool Peter the Pilot cards (especially the WW2 albums from 39-42) manufactured by Timaru Milling breakfast series

England---Anglo American Chewing Gum (printed in England--possibly 1930's??)--- a 36 card series titled Thriller Chewing Gum

Ireland---Space Fantasy Cards issued by Colinville in 1956, especially the second series

Australia---Glenvern Novelty Sweet Co, Victoria---"A Trip to the Stars and Moon Series" Dare Devil Dan, series of 24 cards

I'm sure forum members would be glad to help with any questions you all may have on USA issues---

Best regards----
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Brian---thanks for the info on Anglo/Thriller Gum--from the neat artwork & story line I would have guessed mid 30's---I only have a few of these cards, but card 36 does not appear to be the end of the storyline---wonder if there were more cards in the Kidnapped series or if other series exist---I suppose the wrapper must be vanishingly rare---

The Australian card I pictured is made by Glenvern Novelty Sweet Co, Vic., & should be a 24 card set--not sure of the date, likely 50's? I only have a few Dan Dare items to go on (& only 1 Dare Devil Dan card), but artwork does not look similar to me. It may strike a bell with some of our Australian colleagues?
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Kidnapped is a 36-card artwork set issued by Anglo-American Chewing Gum in 1935, using the name Thriller Chewing Gum. You don't see many of them. There were very few chewing bum and bubble gum cards issued in the UK before the late 1950s and the cigarette cards of the period survive much better, because they were collected by adults. I also think tea cards survive much better because they were simply collected, rather than swapped in the playground and kept in pockets. A lot of sellers in the UK when selling bulk lots specify "no Brooke Bond cards", because these tea cards are so common and have such a low value - pennies. The Kidnapped cards have a cat value of £4.50 (about $9) each. Someone has posted a picture under the other NZ thread. The company didn't seem to issue many cards, though they did bring out a few sets in the 1960s, including The Horse and Zoo Stamps of the World, both of which I have and which are pretty inexpensive.

I wonder if the Australian Dare Devil Dan set you mention is Dan Dare? Probably not. I posted this on the other thread, but in case you missed it... I was privately offered a set of Australian Dan Dare cards just last month. They were produced by an Australian company called Sunnyland and mirrored a UK set produced in 1954 by Calvert toothpaste. I could find out nothing about the company or the cards (beyond the Calvert connection). They sold for $234. Check out these links to see the cards...

If anyone has any questions of UK bubblegum cards up to the early 1970s, then I will be delighted to try to answer your questions.

michael berkus
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Just found out about the English Look N See set by Colinville cards?? Really would love any information on the set, who, value, availability, etc. Anyone got any to sell or info?

brian pendreigh
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The Murray's catalogue gives the following...

Colinville Gum, Look n See, 24 medium-sized card, issued 1958 and currently valued at £5 card. They don't have any full sets in stock, suggesting they are rare, and London Cigarette Card Co don't even seem to have any odds - there is no listing at all in their catalogue. Colinvilled produced only a handful of sets in the late 1950s and you rarely see them coming up on
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Michael & Brian---The one Colinville LNSee card I have is #40 James Watt/Steam Engine---trying to send a pic, but trouble with my setup or photobucket, so will have to describe for now. The Colinville wrapper states the series is 56 cards--card is much smaller than US counterpart, & has different topic (ie US #40 is Stonewall Jackson). Also, the Colinville card has no image on what corresponds to the US "front"---completely blank. Can't extrapolate much from one card, but perhaps all the 56 cards are different from US? Love to hear more from anyone who knows about this English issue---was there a "rare" card or any short prints (such as US Rembrandt?)
Dick Swan
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This is my first ever post at this Chatboard. I have a card # 48 Look n See, Smaller than U.S. (48X66cm)with a blank front. The numbering system does not match up to the U.S. Version, and the Text is completely different. I am going to try and attach front(blank) and back images. Does anyone have info on this. Thanks.

John Harold Alliston
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I have been working on this set for a few years now and only need #36 to complete. I have many extras to trade with. I am also looking for Clevedon Dan Dare cards, I need a few and have many to trade with. I will trade generously for cards that I need or would pay your price if inclined to sell. Happy hunting, John.
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