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David M
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Welcome to the board. I started collecting the British cigarette cards during one of my visits there. Your post made me start wondering what will we use in the future for a reference? Like you and your club members, I have a dog eared copy of one of the Murray catalogs I use as a checklist and reference. But since Murray Cards is closing we won't have their useful guide going forward. I wonder who will pick up the slack?
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It's late morning here in the UK and I have been swapping sets of cards round in some of my albums and thought it's about time to introduce myself on this chat board.
I didn't start collecting cards until I was about 50 years of age, thats 12 years ago now my how time flies.
A lot of loose cards were passed on to me after my father died and at that time I had no idea what to do with them, that is until a guy at work came into lunch break with albums full of British and Dutch silk inserts, I thought wow I would like some of those.
I told him about my dads cards and that their were some loose and incomplete sets so I asked what would he suggest I do.
Come to our club this weekend he said we meet every Month and you might take a shine to the hobby.
From that weekend I was hooked but I still don't have a particular line of collecting within the hobby, if I like something I get it.
Been a member ever since and besides printing members name tags and cards with the dates of the monthly meetings I also have produced a Calendar for the past 4 years
We use Murray's Price guide to Cigarette and other Trade Cards so you can imagine everyone at the meetings is walking around with a well thumbed copy under there arm.

We have 160 Calendars printed to ensure all of our 140 club members get one free and a few extra for guests that may pop in from time to time.
A sample of next years Calendar below.
The Calendar id A4 Landscape.

I am rather partial to some of Turmac silks a Dutch company from the 30's.
Here you see a couple of example from the Sport & Nature set with coulour variations.

I look foreward to reading your posts and hope that from time to time I will feel confident enough to join in.

Here is a link to our club web site.

Tom Boblitt
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Great to have you. We have quite a few Brits that stop by regularly and are heavy participators (not sure if that's a word) on the site and many more who are lurkers. We've been around since 2006 and hope to keep it going. I created the shell and Dan Calandriello does all the heavy lifting. Tons of folks here with tons of knowledge-primarily about U.S. sets from the 1880's through 1970's but we talk about some Canuck sets too and the occasional British set.

I saw some of those Turmac silks a week or two ago that were in complete sets on ebay. They went pretty strong and I love the black background on them and bright colors. Bob Forbes is the guy that wrote the Mitchell/Forbes American Tobacco Cards and he pops in from time to time here. He is working on a silk book--primarily US issues but I'm sure he's well versed in the Turmac silks.

Don't hesitate to ask questions or pop into conversations. We all get along pretty good for the most part even though most of us have never really met in person.......

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Hi Alex , a warm welcome to Net54 .

I'm one of the few Brits that frequent these pages . I hope theres a few Brit lurkers out there as well of course .

N54 is a wonderful place to pick up lots of snippets of info , there are many posters whos knowledge covers a wide range of subjects including tobacco cards and silk issues , both US / UK and beyond .

When I was first introduced to this site I spent an hour or 2 reading the old threads , they contain some really useful insights , and the search facilty will bring up many varied subjects from the past .

I collected UK common cigarette card issues until I made the Atlantic leap and fell amongst US gum card issues .

I rarely pursue UK issues now except for some A&BC and slightly obscure issues be careful

Great link to your clubs site . I've had one or 2 bids in the auctions and would reconmmend them to anyone . Give my regards to Alan W .

Most of all , have fun in the hobby .



jerry bannister
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Hi Alex, Good to have you here, I am fairly new as well (this year) to the board.I have found there to be a great bunch of very knowledgable people here, always willing to share there collecting experiences. I can remember as a kid having a copy of the brown Benjamin guide and just constantly going through it wondering if the majority of these cards even existed as I had never seen 98% of them in person. Even if they did I had no idea of how to locate them or probably the means to obtain them. Probably the Wrapper and SCD were primary sources for a lot of people back then, as I did obtain a few cards that way. Anyway this board,ebay, the internet,and age have opened up a whole new world to collecters. As Mark and others say, enjoy the hobby and collect what you like and as you like.
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