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I am looking to finish off a few sets that I have on the go. In most cases I have some extras
from all the sets that I need singles for. But I also do not mind buying any of my needs.
In case you can help with my needs,please take note that I live in Canada. So if that
represents a problem with you and shipping I totally understand.Thanks.


1940-41 Canadian Starch Co British Warships & War Planes : non  Winston Churchill portrait

1956 Topps Davy Crockett,orange back: 2(need 2),18,37,40,41,62,66,70,72,77 (need VG to EX-M)

1957 Topps Robin Hood:33 (need near mint-mint)

1959 Parkhurst Texas John Slaughter:2,9,47 (need VG - EX-M)

1958 Topps TV Westerns : 2 ( need EX-m to NM)

1962 Topps Civil war News Currency:$1 with #3691 on it with a green(blue) back
  $2 one with number 94505 on it with a green(blue) back

1966 Topps Comic Book Foldees;#7 (Topps only),#30,#35 #37 printed in Canada ( looking for VG to ex-m)

 1966 Man from Uncle (Printed in Canada): 2 (looking for VG-EX-M)

 1955 Wrestling(Parkhurst):104 (looking for VG-EX-M)

 1953-55 Nabisco (this is a multi sport set) (looking for VG-EX-M)

NEED LIST:22, Baseball:42,43 Football

 1922 Arm & Hammer "Useful Birds of America"(DS1521m) 10,20,25.

( need VG to EX-M)

Series 3 looking for the small size cards only.

 1971 Topps Rocks "O" Gum;

"Going Down": need many copies

"Pardon me do you have any spare parts" need many copies

 1968 General Cigar "Birds of Canada": 21 (need ex-m to near mint)
1977 General Cigar "Birds of Canada" Owl Trophy card(no number)

1984 Kellogg’s Star Wars (Blue Boarder); 8,11,14,17

1964 Outer Limits "Printed in Canada":6,18,19,20,30(need VG to ex-m)

 1964 Beatles Black & White “Printed in Canada”

GOOD(off  center, soft corner or two, maybe a light crease)


POOR( most anything except cards with paper lose)


1966 Gunpoint with Audie Murphy lobby card #6

1970 Man on the Moon O-Pee-Chee : 97 of 99 puzzle C

1981 Fleer  Here's Bo #34 (need near mint)

1992 Pro Set Beauty and the Beast #69 need 2 (near mint)

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