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Todd Riley
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Bob, those are sweet!
Alan R. Moon
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They are awesome cards. I just ordered all four and I'm good for any additional ones that Bob makes. I've always thought there could be 400-500 R&S cards.

Bob Lemke
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I'm pretty happy with the way my two latest "updates" to the venerable Topps Rails and Sails set turned out.

The backstory will go up on my blog later today and the introduction of the two new cards will be up on Dec. 20. That's at .
Bob Lemke
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Thanks, all.

I spent a couple of hours last night googling mid-century train images. My next R&S customs -- probably three or four at least -- will be additions to the trains series.

First, though, I've got a couple more World on Wheels cards at the top of my list, as well as some cards in the TV Westerns format.

Sometime in here, I'm also going to tackle a Civil War News custom.
Tom Boblitt
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Haven't bought any NS cards that Bob has done but I bought a couple baseball and they are really well-made. Don't hesitate to pick anything he does up. Very neat idea and cool to add to a 'real' set of cards as they are just as beautiful...............

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