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Tom Boblitt
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Any ideas on these cards? They are perforated at the top (middle) and have license plates on one side.
Jon Hardgrove
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I have never seen them before, but since they have license plates, I will be looking for them.

Jon Hardgrove
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Tom and I swapped some license plates, and I ended up with these.

These are really TWO sets of cutouts on the same card:

License plates - a 56 card set

Hi-Way signs - a 56 card set

These were produced by Merley's Candy Company of Pasadena, California. The brand name was Licade. The illustrations show youngster licking a piece of candy, so possibly something like what we used to call an "all day sucker".

The license plates are dated 1951 and 1952, so will assume this was the time period these were printed.

Doing a little speculation: the cards state that the D.C. plate and the Canadian Province plates are the most rare. I have the D.C. plate, and 6 different Canadian plates. Since there were 48 states in the US in 1952, 48 plus the D.C. plate suggests there are 7 Canadian plates.

I have Googled everything on the card, and come up empty. Merley apparently is no longer in business. I may try the Pasadena library, but at present, this is what I can determine from the cards.

Jon Hardgrove
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A wee bit more information, and probably the end of the story unless I find the missing cards:

I had sent an inquiry to the research department of the Pasadena library, and just received a response. The Merley company did not exist in the city directory of 1951. There was no city directory in 1952. The Merley company was listed in the city directories for the years 1953, 1954, and 1955. The 1956 city directory had no listing for the Merley company.

As the dates on the license plates were 1951 and 1952, I am going to assume these stickers were printed in 1952.

Tom, thanks for sending them my way, and I hope you found what I sent you sufficient.

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