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Following up on Greg G post in July Pickups.  Looked at WorthPoint and there is only one sale listed which had 8 different movie stars from 2007.  The actresses are: Mary Fuller, Anita Stewart, Kathlyn Williams, Bessie Barriscale, Pearl White, Lenore Ulrich, Norma Talmadge, and Dorothy Gish.  The group shot is rather small making identification of which card is which star difficult.  Pearl White, Lenore Ulrich, and Norma Talmadge are additions to the checklist on Troy's MovieCard website.

The card on the Top Right can be identified as Pearl White from another picture included in the sale.

The four on the left can be matched to Greg's pictures and are:
Top Left = Lenore Ulrich
Top 2nd Left = Norma Talmadge
Bottom Left = Bessie Barriscale
Bottom Left = Dorothy Gish

I was able to identify the Bottom Right as Kathlyn Williams (listed as Kathryn on WorthPoint sale and Troy's checklist) from a silent movie blog listed below.

I was able to identify the Bottom 2nd Right as Mary Fuller from Wikipedia (see link and picture below).

That leaves Anita Stewart as the Top 2nd Right.  Does anyone have any others to help expand the checklist?

1920s-lavoptik-eye-wash-Group.jpg  1920s-lavoptik-eye-wash-Pearl White.jpg


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Bill O.
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