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Thank you all for not responding to my very first post/question. This will be my final post on this board. At least the baseball colletors are helpful on their board.
Eric B
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I would have, but i know nothing about the set you mentioned. And there was a reply, albeit short and to the point. Not to mention that there are at most 100 people who have visited this board, and most infrequently. Non-sports cards are still not mainstream and it could take awhile.
Dan Calandriello
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Dave Grimes gave the answer Scott posted. He is in touch with the tobacco side of this hobby daily. I took his reply as a final answer. Scott, I wish you'd reconsider. No one here wanted to hurt your feelings nor drive you away. There will be more knowledgeable tobacco collectors as time goes on.

Tom Boblitt
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I know NOTHING about Just So cards unless they're baseball. I didn't even know there WERE non-baseball ones. Plus as Dan said, there's probably 75-100 active lurkers/watchers/posters on an 'active' basis with about 140-150 unique posters who've posted. I'm sorry I didn't respond but I feel my response would have been much less than even David's.
Chuck Ross
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Geez, fella, if everyone ran away when one of their posts got one response there would be nobody left on any chat boards. You asked a question, it got answered very well by one of the premier nonsports tobacco card dealers. No need to take your ball and go home. Relax.
Dan Calandriello
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Actually, Chuck and Jim have helped me continue my postings !!

Thank you both.

I couldn't understand why so few commented on my pictures of indiv. cards and full sets, etc. It takes an ole geezer time to do this stuff, ya know.

Well, they explained it very well.

...The board is new.

......The board is small.

.........People are just getting used to it.

Also, I wonder if Scott could tell us how the baseball board was progressing approx. one month after it's founding.

I'm hoping Scott will keep visiting for awhile and then someday soon post again. Welcome, Scott, welcome.

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I try to post as much as I can and I try to respond to other postings when I feel I can add something. But sometimes the extent of my response is simply "wow, great set!." I try not to bump posts unnecessarily for those types of comments, not realizing that posters like to see responses to their posts. So in the future I will try to be "more" responsive. As far as only getting one or two responses to a post, that's happened to me several times on the BB board. But usually those few responses are from the acknowledged experts and they pretty much answered the question. Hang in there Scott, it's nothing personal.

P.S. Dan, great sets!
Eric B
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Kudos on the Dave Grimes response. If he says something that you are near 100% sure is wrong, you should re-evaluate.
Tom Boblitt
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about the BB board one month after inception (oddly enough, first post there was 9-12-2001), most of the early posters there came from another message board where things kinda got out of control and there wasn't really the ability or moderation from the owners of the board. It really got into a mudslinging pretty much daily back then. Still does at times over there. Hopefully we won't have the same here..........

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Scott -

Please hang in with this board !!!

Tom Boblitt
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That's actually kinda disturbing........

Was he Starsky or Hutch? I'm thinking Hutch........

Youtube has it all........

Especially fond of 'Spice Test' and 'Spice Test 2' if you haven't seen them.
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Too funny Alan.
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Scott posted three questions about a reasonably obscure issue on the DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS. He got a quick reply to all three questions barely 24 hours later, from one of the hobby's leading experts. And his response is to take his ball and go home, calling the board and its members unhelpful on the way out? That's an odd way to thank someone for voluntarily setting aside a few moments during their holiday to help you out ...

A proud man is seldom a grateful man, for he never thinks he gets as much as he deserves.

- Henry Ward Beecher

Chuck Ross
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My apologies to Scott and everyone else for my hotheaded reply earlier in this thread. The rest of you have shown me the way.
Dan Calandriello
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Hey, Chuck, YOU and JIM are the reason I stuck around....thank you for your nice replies to my email about nonposters over the past two weeks. I know by me staying and posting, the collecting world is a tiny bit better off. You can be my analyst anytime !

Scott, COME ON DOWN !!!!
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I'm learning here. Baseball is well catalogued and has a firm base. Non-sports card collecting is all over the place. I've been collecting for over 30 years but hell I have no idea what most of my non-sports are let alone what they're worth.

I guess what I'm trying to say is, be patient.
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What Jack said. Unless you come back and keep the thread going with more questions/info/pictures/etc., then people will assume your straightforward question has been answered and feel no need to respond.
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Guess I created a stir. Your right it was during the holiday. My threshold for patience gets shorter with age. BTW , David is a very close friend of mine as well as Keith... both are active on this board.

I wish you all Health for the coming New Year.

Best regards
Tom Boblitt
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Be sure you contribute as well.....don't hesitate to chime in. I know you have a great baseball collection so hopefully the non-sports is as deep!
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