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Gary May
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hi eric,

thanks for reply. i thought it was a bit of a stupid question as sweet caporal features prominently, of course. however i recently saw an advert card for 'veteran cigarettes' which featured a nicely uniformed soldier, obviously i put 2+2 together and got 5......again.

Anyway,i appreciate that there are a certain amount of tough cards and your website is very helpful. i've just picked up 100 of them and am in two minds whether to start in ernest. the coolest one so far is one of the ship cards.

best regards

gary in england
Gary May
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I am trying to find out whether there was a particular brand of Kinney cigarets that gave away the Military Series cards, any ideas?
Eric B
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Sweet Caporal.

I have 612 out of 622. Also need about 10 upgrades for cards worse than "good". Sold a set of 600 a few years ago and have started another backup set which is at around 370. There are some variations too.

Gary, or anyone for that matter, if you need help on the set, either informational or for certain cards, I would be glad to help you. Not so many collect this set because of the knowledge that it can't be completed. (Can't is a bit extreme since I can put together 2 sets by combining 3 collections in the US). But it's still very gratifying to gather the cards up to around the 580 mark and then when you get a new one it's very exciting. Especially when you get above 600. A card around 30th - 40th in difficulty is still less than $50 in decent shape, mostly because of the demand side.

They can also be collected in series. There are 13 different series and I expect if PSA or SGC would break them out that way, the Set Registry would explode since all but 2 series are completeable and average just 50 cards per series.

For decent cards, I will sell below market to fellow collectors - I still tend to buy lots in the hope that I can upgrade a card or two and end up with dupes. I also have beaters that I will give away to anyone who would like a few to consider whether they would like to collect them.

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