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Joe Marciano
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In the latest issue of the Wrapper Les asked his readers to take a look at Richard Parks ad in the issue. I did. Richard is not a vintage dealer but rather has a "little card company" (Les' words). He has a number of things available but the biggest is his four part Three Stooges set. I've always liked the Stooges but the only thing I have in my collection is a type card from the Fleer color set. Richard has the first two parts of his set, series 1 and 2,out. I looked at the price and was a little taken aback at the box price- $120. Any of you who follow sports cards know that $120 and much more is not unusual these days. But non sports? I read his ad and decided to take a shot at his "two/fer" offer and bought both series.

Richards service is great. Postage is free and the boxes arrived in a couple of days by priority mail. I opened the package and a bunch of other stuff. I had last weekend to process what I got. Richard is great for free items. The cards he makes turned out to be excellent. The quality matches or exceeds any of the big guys. I know from reading various posts that several of you seem to appreciate the Stooges. If you do, you will like the cards. The base set is made from movie photos. Richard has a bunch of great ones in the sets. There is a variety of subsets. There are cards done by some good artists (no not sketch cards) and one is a foil set that looks really great. The second series has a retro subset that that I like as much as my MAI retro set. And ALL 36 cards are in the box. When I looked at what is in each series box, 3 base sets, multiples of most subsets, promos, a box topper card and other interesting things. I was so interested in the cards I was working on that it was a while before it dawned on me that each box is a MASTER SET. For MAI I bought 3 boxes and a bunch of stuff on ebay to have what I have of that set. That's a heck of a lot more than $120 and since I like both sets , that's a great thing (I made my original MA set out of nickel packs but I think I was spending my money on girlfriends when the original Stooges cards came out). Oh yes, The boxes Richards Stooges card come in can be cut up to make a 30 plus set of mini cards- talk about a vintage idea- cutting cards out of boxes.

I would like to support Les by suggesting that the members of this board who like the Three Stooges give these cards a look-over. I have been collecting "picture cards" for 60 years. I became a serious non-sport collector in my teens because at least is was possible to complete a non sport set for the little money I had available. I like the hobby and I would like to see it go on even though it doesn't have an LCD screen. The board members may really love vintage cards but if the non sport hobby is to survive new people have to be drawn in by the new stuff. Supporting new guys putting out quality products at a fair price is something we older collectors can do if we chose to. Vintage is good but there are worthwhile new things too.

And that ends today's informational sermon.

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Joe , your 100% correct in that we have to support the small guys , the indie card producers and such .

We've bumped our gums about it ( in the UK) for ages and there seems to be no answer on how to get new collectors into the hobby - be it N/S or Sports .

Soccer seems to be the only growth area in card collecting but lets hope they progress to non sports from there .

In all honesty I think the card game is finished in the UK , too many dealers and not enough collectors .

Prices are low ad there seems to be an unearthly amount of previously seldom seen sets / cards appearing on the market .

It could be old timers getting out before the bubble bursts . Who knows but I pray that the hobby will flourish worldwide in the future .

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What mark said x2

"showin the love since 1965 "
Bill Bengen
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Hi all,

I'm not very worried about the non-sports cards vintage market in the long term, about ten years or so. Cards are neat things to collect, and are among the few remaining affordable items available in quantity. What else can one collect? Art? Classic cars? Jewelry? Coins? Stamps? These have gone through the roof.

In the short term, prices may contract. I contend that is good, as it has the potential to bring more people into the hobby for the long term. Near-term, there are plenty of signs of a top, including sellers trying to create their own market by offering high-end graded cards at absurd prices. That will come to an end, and we will all be better for it.

Keep the faith, man!

Best in collecting,

Bill Bengen

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