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tony fryer
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mr. moses
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if it's as big as the 4 foot Piedmonts - full-baked enamel - it's a fairly strong price as it begs for a few hundred in restoration - but not absurd. Few people will collect such a large sign despite it's superior color elements, scarcity, and a solid theme (tobacco advertising). If it's significantly smaller - then way too much. NOT my area of expertise.

no guarantees whether written or implied......

henry moses
tony fryer
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28 inches wide

Tony F

edited for my name forgot!!
Charley Ramone
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Tony, I have not the foggiest as to price in that condition. But I would love to own the piece just as it is. As Henry stated, the colors...pretty neat old piece.

I would not personally "restore" piece that far gone...would just display it proudly with all of its flaws!

While its nice to run across old porcelain "NEW OLD STOCK" signs its generally hard to move them along at "Top Dollar" without some character marks,blemishes.

My opinion (signage guys will disagree)

I would not pay 500.00 or anywhere near that.Still, its a very eye catching old piece.

Thanks for the share

"showin the love since 1968"
tony fryer
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I don't own this and I am not going to buy this. I just thought I would share.I have never owned one and never will. (too tight)

I was peeved I just paid $5 for a snow white flour bag. Thought it was a steal till I saw them on e-bay for the same price.

Tony F
mr. moses
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Had not seen this one before. I'd guess Canada but I suck at guessing games.....

henry moses
tony fryer
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Correct Canada it is. the guy wants $500 for it. Is that good?

Tony F
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