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1963 Topps Midgee Monster Laffs some hits some upgrades yes I keep them rubber-banded in a cardboard box.

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With thanks to sthoemke for helping me to identify this, 1935 ABC Cinemas Film Stars (large) Shirley Temple. She made the trip to me all the way from England.

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jpeg C888171C-B9D5-4ABF-B820-0C6AD8F57CE3.jpeg (464.00 KB, 3 views)


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Just got this blue, sheet type Horrors of War wrapper.  It's absolutely beautiful, almost too good to be true.  It's clean, bright, shiny waxy, crisp edges and corners, unwrinkled and unfolded.  I sure hope it's real.  Other than its condition, there is nothing to make me suspicious.  Are there others in the hobby this clean?  Where could this have come from where it doesn't seem to have aged at all?  I'd love some information or opinions about this.  Thanks - Jack J.

HOW Blue Sheet.jpg 


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Wow, Jack! That's a beauty! Maybe it was a salesman's sample, tucked into a book or portfolio somewhere and forgotten for 80+ years.

Here are a few more for me this month:

Rosen "Soldiers" set

Expo 67 pavilion boxed cards (thin stock version, inspired by Todd's recent pickup; mine only had 42, as well, so maybe we can compare notes), Johnson & Johnson "Robin Hood" partial set (missing six, if anyone has any available...), Leader Novelty "Adventures of the Army, Navy and Marines" navy card for type, Wilbur-Suchard Mickey Mouse Toasted Nut Chocolate wrapper (Horace Horsecollar on reverse) and 1896 Adams "Yellow Kid" card.

And my favorite pickup this month so far: File copies of three different Missile Gum boxes from the personal archive of Philadelphia Gum president Edward Fenimore. I've only ever seen one other of the "Fact and Fantasy" box; the "Guided Missile" point-of-sale box (I assume the two pieces are the bottom and lid of the same box) and Halloween tray are new to me.

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I've decided to treat your HOW blue wrapper as real so I can be extremely jealous.

We will definitely need to talk about the Expo sets. Maybe it really is only a 42 card set with a couple of random extras thrown in due to a printing error on the box.

And those Missile Gum boxes are "out of this world!" What a score.

PS: Larry, I do love those little monster cards. That looks like quite a pile.

Todd Riley

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My June pickups. A very mixed bag

Flags of the World, missing 3 flags and the cardboard easel stand.
June pickups 001.jpg  June pickups 002.jpg  June pickups 003.jpg  June pickups 004.jpg  June pickups 005.jpg 
Jiggies Series 1 card. Damaged but hard to find so I bought it as is.
June pickups 006.jpg 
Mickey Mouse Trip Around the World cards
June pickups 007.jpg 
More Mickey, 2 Harry Horn, Indian Gum Wrapper, a Murad and a Helmar Tobacco card
June pickups 008.jpg 
Honest Long Cut Stars of the Stage cards
June pickups 009.jpg 
Honest Long Cut Stars of the Stage and Western and Southern Life Insurance cards
June pickups 010.jpg 
W&S cards, Pullman Bread - Nations Instructive card, 3 Nesbitt's Missiles and Jet Planes
and a J&P Coats Famous Horses 2nd series card
June pickups 011.jpg 
Dick Tracy cards
June pickups 012.jpg 
Cereal Box Backs
June pickups 013.jpg  June pickups 014.jpg 
Elephant Jokes
June pickups 015.jpg 
Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs. Plastic Wall plaques, 5-1/4 X 7-1/2 with the tab
Seal from a Reynolds Wrap Carton (sponsor of Disney Land TV show) and $1.00 in 1958
June pickups 016.jpg 
Tokio Butterfly silks.
June pickups 017.jpg 
McLaughlin's Coffee die cut cards
June pickups 019.jpg  June pickups 018.jpg 


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It's not often that i get to stump the Mighty Troy Kirk with something truly unique,bizarre and better yet unguided by him.

I recently purchased a full box of Dandy Texas cards from a dealer in Czechoslovakia with Jimmy Stewart on the cover.
The box is made in Nigeria,the packs are made in Nigeria too.
The Wrappers are Flag Parade wrappers which i've seen before made in Holland with wouldn't you guess Flag cards inside.
These packs have a newly discovered Western Themed set Series C with cards printed in Holland but with Arabic writing on the card.
Nigerians don't speak Arabic adding to the mystery of this mish mash unique box.
click on the pic in Troy's site for all the wonderful pictures and write up.


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I love seeing your pickups. There is always something there I have never seen before - like those Flags. Lots of other great items there as well. Are you like me and are running out of room? I have to be more and more creative on how to fit things into the collection.

That certainly is an unusual sounding box. Great graphics!

A few more crumbs for me...

A Lone Ranger Movie Ranch cereal back and a Sugar Daddy Sports World wrapper (having a tough time finding the Sugar Daddy wrappers to go with the sets)...

I love the graphics on these K64 Peculiar War Ships by McLaughlin's Coffee circa 1889....
(usually when I find these they are pretty trashed but this group was pretty clean)

Lastly, picked up this Block-Head at a Sports Card show over the weekend (my first show since all the craziness began)...
IMG_6704.jpg  IMG_6705.jpg 

Todd Riley

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Can someone tell me what these are? For some reason, they remind me of something that could come from a game.

2020-06-29_163258.jpg 2020-06-29_163406.jpg

Joe Marciano

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Originally Posted by bvb5366
Can someone tell me what these are? For some reason, they remind me of something that could come from a game.


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Thank you
Joe Marciano

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It looks like June was a tremendous month for everyone! (Todd, I can't believe you found that Topps Blockheads at a baseball card show; the ones I attend usually feature a healthy assortment of junk wax, early Topps commons that look like they were run over by a train, a few beat-up pre-war cards at museum prices, and three-figure "rookie prospects" no one will remember in two years.)

Here are my final pickups of the month:

This lot of Topps "Isolation Booth" (more underneath) brings me within 13 of the set.

Some 1940s pin-up cards. I think they're Mutoscope, but I'm not certain.

An assortment of Card-O "Automobiles" and "Planes, Trains and Ships" cards, and some Donruss "Spec Sheet"s

An assortment of car cards and stickers: Fleer "Race USA," "Official Drag Champs" and "Kustom Cars II," Donruss "Fiends and Machines" and Wonder Bread "Funny Cars"

More car cards: Wheaties "Licens Plates," Frye & Smith "Antique Autos" and Topps "Sports Cars"

A "Tom Mix" lot, including three National Chicle booklets, a "Series of 96 Movie Stars" and one card (the green one) I wasn't able to identify.

General Gum "Funnies," "Cartoon Adventures," "Series of 48 American History," "Pinocchio's Circus" bread cards and two Duke Cameo Cigarettes cards (I don't really collect T cards, but when they're free or close to it, I don't turn them down).

A little over three-quarters of a set of T59 "Flags of All Nations" cards (which I don't really collect... and they weren't free or close to it... but getting this much of the set at once gives me something new to search for at card shows should we ever be allowed to leave our houses again).

A Leaf "Spook Stories" wrapper to go with my box from a couple years ago

Chex "Rockets, Jets and Weapons" card and a transfer sheet and gum premium liners from Philadelphia Gum

A Johnson & Johnson premium issued with "Robin Hood" card sets purchased directly from the company for 25 cents plus one Band Aids proof of purchase

Invoices from the Walter H. Johnson Candy Co. (makers of "Dick Tracy Caramels") and a small stack of sponsorship correspondence on Goudey Gum Co. letterhead

A mixed lot of "well loved" cards I bought primarily for the Holloway "Golden West" card at the upper left. Others: National Chicle "Sky Birds," "Tootsie Circus," Hassan "Indian Live in the '60s," Turkish Trophies "Fables Series," a random Goudey "Sport Kings," "Series of 48 American History" and a few Gum Inc. "Wild West"

General Mills "Lone Ranger" coloring contest postcard I found on eBay after losing the one in Tom's auction!

Millbrook Bread "Snoopy's WWI Airplanes" sticker set with album

Golden Press "Animals" trading cards, unpunched in book

And finally, two more Johnson & Johnson "Robin Hood" cards (bringing me within four of the set) and a Novel Candy "Pirate Adventures"


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Found this cool box in Italy made by Edis in the late 60's to early 70's.

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