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Alan R. Moon
Reply with quote  #26 
Mark, I could probably make it an annual contest. Hard to predict when I'll be submitting cards to PSA though as I don't have any kind of schedule. I'm actually going to submit another 29 cards this week (it's a total coincidence that I'm submitting the same number of cards again) but I think it's too soon for another contest.

Tom Boblitt
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Thanks again for GENEROUSLY offering prizes to your contest and thanks to all those who participated.....congrats to the Daves.....surprising on the Skippy too.....two dimensional scans prove to be difficult to really grade from....

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Thank you Alan, that was a lot of fun and stoked to snag a prize because I know how many great items you have in your eBay Store:
Alan R. Moon
Reply with quote  #29 
Too many Daves in the world. In fact, Dave Bargman actually is the winner with 10 correct guesses and Dave Rosenberg is second with 9. Sorry for the mixup.

David M
Reply with quote  #30 
It's surprising to me that there are so few .5 grades. It seems like on my last submission every other card was a half grade. Thanks for the contest, it was fun.
Alan R. Moon
Reply with quote  #31 
Well, I was certainly right about the surprises. Yikes. Here are the grades:


1. 1951 Jets, Rockets, Spacemen #1 - PSA 6.5

2. 1962 Civil War News - PSA 7

3. 1942 Warships (R169) - PSA 7, was an SGC 86/7.5

4. 1940 British Empire Victoria Cross Heroes (V408) - PSA 7

5. 1965 A&BC Battle - PSA 7

6. 1930s American G-Men (R13-2) - PSA 8, was an SGC 88/8

7. 1965 A&BC Battle Emblem - PSA 8

8. 1934 Big Thrill Booklet (R24) - No Grade

9. 1952 Red Ryder (F435) - PSA Authentic

10. 1930s Thrilling Stories (F25-1) Yip Roper - No Grade

11. 1930s Thrilling Stories (F25-1) Corporal Blake - No Grade

12. 1950s Mr. Magic Tricks (R722-4) - PSA 2

13. 1933 Skippy (F272-12) - PSA 4

14. 1945 Allies In Action (R11) - PSA 8, was a PSA 5.5

15. 1910s Teddy's Trophies (E27) - PSA 4

16. 1941 W.S. Corp Games & Puzzles (R188) - PSA 6

17. 1938 Army Air Corps Insignia (R17-1) - PSA 8

18. 1950 Hopalong Cassidy (D89-1) - PSA 7, was an SGC 80/6

19. 1930s Flags Of The Nations (R52) - PSA 6

20. 1939 Reg'lar Fellas (F75) - PSA 8

21. 1934 Funnies (R56) - PSA 6

22. 1935 Cartoon Comics (R27) - PSA 5

23. 1953 Space Patrol (F280-3) Jet Car Trooper - PSA 5

24. 1953 Space Patrol (F280-3) Rocket Astrogator - PSA 4

25. 1941 Uncle Sam Home Defense #98 (R158) - PSA 5

26. 1941 Canadian Home Defense #47 (V277) - PSA 7, was an SGC 84/7

27. 1953 Fighting Marines #42 - PSA 7

27. 1953 Fighting Marines #50 - PSA 5

27. 1953 Fighting Marines #62 - PSA 7

Will have the Contest results shortly.
Alan R. Moon
Reply with quote  #32 
And the winner is:

David Rosenberg with 10 correct guesses.

Second place is:

Dave Bargman with 9 correct guesses.

The rest of the scores were:

8 correct - Marty Krim, Mark Edmunds, Todd C.

7 correct - Mike (Mays 24)

6 correct - Bill Bengen, Rhett Y.

5 correct - Shimozukawa, 1880s, David S.

4 correct - David M., Tom B., Claude, Nebboy, Mike D.

3 correct - Alan M.

2 correct - Jeff O.

David and Dave, please let me know what you would like out of my store as your prizes. You can email me directly at

The 1934 Funnies had the most correct guesses with 10, followed closely by the 1952 Red Ryder with 9, the 1941 Canadian Home Defense with 8, and the 1945 Allies In Action with 7.

No one correctly guessed the 1933 Skippy, the 1953 Space Patrol Rocket Astrogator, the Fighting Marines #50, or any of the three cards that did not receive grades.
Alan R. Moon
Reply with quote  #33 
Of the 29 cards submitted, only one received a .5 grade. Many of you would have done much better if you had guessed less .5 grades. For example, Alan Miley was off by .5 on 14 of his guesses! And both David M. and Claude were off by .5 on 8 of their guesses.

The most surprising grade of all for me is the Skippy. I can only assume that I missed a crease or surface wrinkle somewhere on the card, as that is usually what generates a grade of 4 when a card otherwise looks so good.

I'm a little disappointed in the grades for the Fighting Marines, but my biggest disappointment is the two Space Patrol cards which I had hoped would be 6s (or better). On the positive side, I'm very happy with the Allies In Action 8 and the Jets, Rockets, Spacemen 6.5

Overall, there are only six cards I can't use: the Civil War News, the Uncle Sam, the Fighting Marines #50, and the three no-grades. Of the others, six will go in my PSA sets and 17 will go in my Type Collection.

Thanks again to everyone who took part in the Contest.

Reply with quote  #34 
Mark E
Reply with quote  #35 
I'll 2nd that Henry .

Many thanks to Alan for running the fun guess the grade game and congrats to David and Dave .

Alan , will this be an annual contest ?
Claude Emond
Reply with quote  #36 
Thanks for the challenge Alan, in all honesty I never sent a card for grading so basically I had no clue so what I did is I used the average grade given by the first 8 members (that is how I end up with so many .5 grade) if I would have known the low percentage of half grade given by PSA I would have round it up
Dave B
Reply with quote  #37 
...for a great contest! Everyone was so close it looks like it was a toss up. I'm also wondering why so few .5's, which clearly would have made a big difference in the contest if you had received more. Congrats on adding to your collection, can't wait to see your type set in a year or 2....
Alan R. Moon
Reply with quote  #38 
I don't find it surprising that there was only .5 grade. As I said in a previous post, I'm fairly sure less than 20% of the cards I've submitted have received .5 grades and it could even be less than 10%. When I get the grades for the 286 cards I recently submitted, I'll post and let you know how many cards got .5 grades. And If I get really gung ho, I'll go back and check some of my older submissions and see what percentage of .5 grades they generated.

I could be completely wrong, but I'm guessing the PSA graders still look at cards as even number grades first. After they decide that a card is a 6 (rather than a 5 or 7), they then look to see if the card is a 6.5 rather than just a 6. That's just a guess on my part, but it makes sense to me to do it this way. I don't think anyone can accurately grade (or rate something) on a 20 point scale (which is what PSA has with .5 grades).

Dave, let me know what you want as your prize.

Alan R. Moon
Reply with quote  #39 
It was easy to check some of my previous PSA submissions, so here are some numbers to back up my feeling:

132 cards submitted - 17 cards with .5 grades

83 cards submitted - 6 cards with .5 grades

145 cards submitted - 7 cards with .5 grades

143 cards submitted - 9 cards with .5 grades

157 cards submitted - 11 cards with .5 grades

Total - 660 cards submitted, 50 cards received .5 grades (less than 8%)

Todd C
Reply with quote  #40 
thanks again for running the contest...

very fun and challenging to try and guess the grades.

Shimozukawa Shinzo
Reply with quote  #41 
That was an excellent contest. Now I can go and compare my responses and the actual results against one another. Thank you for running it!
Shimozukawa Shinzo
Reply with quote  #42 
That was an excellent contest. Now I can go and compare my responses and the actual results against one another. Thank you for running it!
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