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Todd Riley
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I picked this up recently and thought it was pretty neat. I could not find it in the ACC (am I not looking in the right spot?), so wanted some opinions on what everyone thought it might be. The back states "Vanilla Sweet Chocolate for Eating or Drinking". So I wondered if this was an uncataloged "E" or maybe an "F" or is it something else entirely?

As you can see it is numbered and we know there are 40 in the set.

Tom Boblitt
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'E' Card book has it as one of 40-50 Uncatalogued 'E' card sets.........I've got 3 different.....
Chuck Ross
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That is beautiful, Todd, hard to believe it survived intact through all these years
Todd Riley
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Tom, if only I had that book I would have known!

Chuck, yes - it is really neat. The scan doesn't even do it justice as it has metallic gold accents.
Tom Boblitt
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Hard to find them with the tabs intact. Haven't seen any of the ones without the advertising on the back........would be interesting to see all 40.........nothing else I know of from Rockwood Chocolates either.
Jeff O.
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Todd that is really a great looking butterfly.

You say it is really better looking in person. Why don't you send it around for everyone to see; I'm sure you will get it back, --- eventually. When you send it around, why not start with me, you have my address. And if you go for that, I have other cards you can start sending around for everyone to look at. It's just a thought.
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I would imagine the point of the "Balancing Butterflies" posted by GregG is that if you glue a penny to the front end of the wings, it will balance if you stick the front of the head on your fingertip.
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Tom Boblitt
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I picked up today via ebay..........will try to scan the others I have..........

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