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Ebay Support has reached new lows.

1)Buyers can post negatives for items in transit even if it was only shipped 5 days earlier.
2)Buyers can post multiple negatives (6) on an order that was cancelled and they are out no money.
3)Buyers can post a negative stating" are you mad at me" then a half hour later send a message through ebay messaging that ebay can read saying" card arrived,everything ok"

In all cases Support ruled that the negatives were posted within ebay rules and guidelines.
With buyer 2 i sent in feedback revisions and he reversed 4 of them but apparently ebay only gives you 4 get out of jail cards per year.But will still suggest after you ran out to send a feedback revision request.

It gets case number 3they told me there was no proof the card arrived and i should have sent it tracked..i politely said not using the swear words i wanted to let me get this straight..the buyer rights he has received the card in a message you can easily read and that is not proof enough.

Yes folks ,the Lunatics rule the assylum now.
But ebay says don't worry we have your back during these trying times..the negatives won't affect your seller status..Morons this red frikkin flags affect my sales..Dimwits.

Amit oust..with smoke pouring out of every pore of my body..

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