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I have owned this card for years & every once and while it floats to the top.
I cannot find it listed. Have no idea as to if it's a "N" or a "T"
Can anyone help.???
Greg Galliger
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Hey Ron,

Nice card/ornament I have never seen one before. Most/all Newsboy stuff is in the N category

There are a number of ACC experts around that might be of more help, it is possible because it's not a "card" that it's not in the ACC?

Ron - really enjoy seeing/reading your posts!
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I realize that this may well be a send in ONLY premium. But I've never seen it even mentioned anywhere??

You would think that someone may have some of the Novelties???

Like for example the Kinney Harlequin Full size deck that was a send in item, I've seen this mentioned & even own it.

Thanks for the words of appreciation, I often worry that I am imposing or boring on some.


Todd Riley
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Never saw that either. It is interesting that the Christmas Ornament is of a witch flying on a broom in front of a full moon. I wonder if Tim Burton has these and was inspired by them to do Nightmare Before Christmas?

PS: I also love all your posts! Haven't had lots of time lately to respond but I really enjoy seeing them.
Bob Forbes
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I've seen a couple of these before & think I have one or two squirreled away somewhere. Pretty interesting and quite scarce novelty item. From my rather cursory study of this issue and marginal knowledge of tobacco cards here's about all I can come up with:

It's definitely not listed in the American Tobacco Cards book (I checked with the author...) & I don't recall ever seeing a listing in the World Index.

I would say that these were distributed sometime between 1891 and 1904, probably earlier in that range if I'd have to guess. There's no factory number which is typical of T-series issues (factory numbers were put on the advertising pieces and cards beginning around 1905 until around 1930 or so). Also, the American Tobacco Co. generally did not put its name on cards, etc. beyond the first couple of years after the merger in 1890.

It looks like a "premium" issue that might have been distributed at the point of sale - dealers got a stack of these in envelopes & handed them out to customers when they brought in the tags. No address listed on the back so I don't think it was a mail-in offer.

The little hole at the top is where you could put a string or thread through & hang it on your tree as an ornament. The other ones I had also had the little hole, which is not just a random pinhole.

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You have finally shed some light/ knowledge. I thought that the pin hole was made by a user.

I will sleep better tonight

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