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Pls advise how to post messages _ I thought I had posted my message last  night in the Buy Sell Trade section but cannot find it anywhere - I started by clicking "New Topic" at the bottom right of the page and filled in the Subject slot and then typed in my message in the little window then clicked my enter key - nothing showed up later on that I had done anything. On the bottom left of the page was an area titled " Subscribe " but I stayed away from that because I don't want to subscribe to anything.

Kindly advise - thanks

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I see one post from you responding to another user here:   Is that the message you're referring to?  By the way, "PLMK" = "please let me know".

To post in any forum, you always start from the "New Topic" button.  It's the same for the buy/sell/trade forums as it is for the main forum.   When you're done, you click the "Post New Topic" button at the bottom.  



Bill Cornell
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Many thanks Bill - i see where I went wrong as I did not have the full page viewable to me but when I scrolled down I can see where the message to post is located. Will give it another try.
As far as the PLMK goes thanks for the interpretation - i personally hate abbreviations like that - younger folks just don't  don't take the time to write things out any more.
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